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For numerous reasons we want to make this wiki available in as many languages as we can. For that, we are going to need the community's help to pull it off. Lots of people already said they wanted to help with translating but not everybody knows how MediaWiki or our translation system works. So here a small guide into translating.

The current progress of the translation can be viewed here.

Preparing Pages

Before anything translating can happen the page first needs to be prepared for translating. At the moment this is done by editors or administrators. If you have a specific page that you wanted to translate but that is not prepared, you can contact us on Discord and we will review the page.


If you have been assigned the group Translator you should be able to start translating right away. The easiest way to do this is to go to the Special:Translate page.

Before translating pages, it is recommended that you translate the i18n templates first as they are used throughout the whole wiki and serve as a standard for technical phrases.


As you can see on the translation page every page is divided into sections. This helps to divide work between translators and help maintain context and consistency.

When clicking on a section you will see the original source text (in English) up top and you will be able to insert your translation on the box below it.


A few quick notes.

  • If you don't know the translation, just skip it
  • If the word doesn't exist in your language, just use the English text.
  • If the section has a notice saying 'Outdated' be aware that there have been made changes in the source text.
  • Do not translate any HTML/CSS tags
  • Do not translate any templates (such as infoboxes) directly on the content page.
  • For direct links to the translated page use tag {{#translation:}} at the end of name page. So [[Category:Aegis Dynamics]] becomes [[Category:Aegis Dynamics{{#translation:}}]]. Also you can add a caption of page [[Category:Aegis Dynamics{{#translation:}}|Aegis Dynamics Category]]


Translated pages are not directly editable. If you see a mistake in the text correct it on the original English page. If you see a mistake in translating you can edit them on the Special:Translate page under the tab 'Translated'.

For any questions you can use the talk page.

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