I'rhal Rocket Launcher

Rocket launcher manufactured by Torral Aggregate
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I'rhal Rocket Launcher
ManufacturerTorral Aggregate (TOAG)
ClassificationRocket launcher
Production stateIn production
Damage typeEnergy missile
Effective range200 m
Fire rate10 rpm
Magazine3 round of 10 small rockets

The I'rhal Rocket Launcher is a Xi'an portable energy rocket launcher manufactured by Torral Aggregate. It is able to fire three round of ten small rockets and has an effective range of 200 meters.[1] It is not available in game as of Alpha 3.17.4.[2]

In-game description

Designed by the Xi'an manufacturing collective, Torral Aggregate, the I'rhal requires a skilled operator to unleash the full destructive potential of this weapon's high-powered energy missile barrage.


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