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Infobox Building

The IO-North tower is a business tower located in Area18 on ArcCorp. It is considered one of ArcCorp’s premier business parks, as it contains a large amount of businesses that house their offices within this building. The tower is famous throughout the UEE for its spectacular vantage point over the city. Experienced travelers claim the only comparable vistas in the universe are found on Xi’an factory planets. This makes the place very unique within the UEE.


ArcCorp offers several different types of commercial space for companies to house themselves in this building. ArcCorp's team of architects, sociologists and wellness experts designed the building in such a way that the productivity, happiness and well-being of the employees will be optimal, as well as cutting edge technology to keep the building safe, cool and connected to the entire universe.

People can also book conference rooms or a 100-seat auditorium for meetups of any kind.

The building also features a gym, spa, athletic courts, swimming pool, full-service kitchen and a daycare center.


The IO-North tower already houses many clients calling IO-North home.


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