Investigate Missing Client

Investigation mission from ProtLife Insurance
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Investigate Missing Client
Priority General
Type Investigation
UEC Pay 4000
Start Location Hurston AO / microTech AO
Faction ProtLife Insurance

The Investigate Missing Client mission tasks the player with finding a missing person in a cave.

Dynamic Description


Spoiler content

"ProtlLife is seeking the current location of our client, (Full Name) who has unfortunately been reported missing. We have recently been able to trace their movements to a cave on (Location). You are being contracted to conduct a thorough onsite investigation, so that we may hopefully find (Surname) and render assistance as needed."


Spoiler content

"One of our long standing clients, (Full Name), was recently reported missing. Before we can determine the proper distribution of benefits, we need you to find confirmation of their current status. Our preliminary investigation team has learned that (Surname) had previously been conducting research at a cave on (Location). It is our recommendation that you start your search there."


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