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New Templates
Type Project
Description Rework templates to support the latest standards.
Date Created 2019-12-04
Priority High
Status In Progress
Leader User:Alistair3149

Most templates on the wiki are outdated and does not compliment with the on-going Wiki V3 project. Since these templates are used in a many pages, any changes could possibly affect a lot of pages. If you are familiar with templating and wanted to help out, please reach us on the Discord in the #wiki channel!


  • Conform with the Wiki V3 UI: Utilize the same style defined by the Citizen skin (WCAG 2.0, Dark Mode support).
  • Integration with Visual Editor by implementing TemplateData: Allow users to use templates without knowing the syntax and wikitext.
  • Centralized localization: All template translations will be moved to the i18n templates. It also remove the need to use TLT and TNT templates on content pages.
  • More versatile templates: Make templates more modular to reduce redundancy and maintenance, while allowing the same template to adapt in more situation.
  • Unified categories: Update the classification to match the latest standard set by in-game data and CIG
  • Community integration: Allow better community site and data integrations on infobox templates.

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