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New Top Level Pages
Type Project
Description To support the brand new design we are in need of new top level pages which will be linked on the new front page.
Date Created 2019-12-04
Priority High
Status Not Started
Leader [[User:]]

To support the brand new design we are in need of new top level pages which will be linked on the new front page. All these top level pages should have the general quality and direction as the Ships page which is our current main top level page.

Issue Tasklist

Task Description Date Added Priority Status
New Vehicles Page Following CIG standards Ships will now fall under the Vehicles parent category together with Ground Vehicles. A new top level page needs to be made to support this. 2019-12-04 Medium Not Started
Rework Ship Components Page With the above mentioned structure change the Ship Components page needs to be reworked to a general Vehicle Components page 2019-12-04 Medium Not Started
New Personal Equipments Page The current category link the Personal Equipments will need to be replaced by a new top level page 2019-12-04 Medium Not Started
Commodities Page The current Commodities page is in pretty decent state, update if incomplete and make it more in line with other top level pages. 2019-12-04 Low Not Started
Organizations Page New organizations page for all in-lore organisations such as companies, governments, factions, etc. 2019-12-04 Medium Not Started
Characters Page New characters page with clearer overview of important people (Imperators, Celebrities, Mission Givers, etc.) 2019-12-04 Medium Not Started
Species Page New Species page including (sentient) alien races and flora 2019-12-04 Medium Not Started
Missions Page No need to list all the missions but a top level page with all mission types is currently still missing 2019-12-04 Medium Not Started
Lore Page A New Lore top level page / Portal which will also serve as entrance to the Comm-Link namespace and the timeline 2019-12-04 Medium Not Started