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Wiki V3
Type Project
Description Third major revision of Star Citizen.Tools with a new design and new features
Date Created 2019-12-04
Priority Medium
Status In-Progress

Major Deliverables

Deliverables Description Date Added Priority Size Status
Brand New Site Design A completely new look and feel of the Star Citizen.Tools wiki 2019-12-04 Medium Large In-Progress
Mediawiki Update 1.31.3 The underlying Mediawiki platform will be brought up to date to the latest Long Term Support (LTS) release. 2019-12-04 Medium Large Staged on DEV
Server Update Bionic Beaver The Ubuntu server running Star Citizen.Tools will be upgraded to the latest Ubuntu LTS 18.04.3 Bionic Beaver 2019-12-04 Low Medium Staged on DEV
New Search Engine The current search is not great, we will be replacing the current search engine with a modern one. 2019-12-04 Low Small Not Started
Improved VisualEditor loading We will introduce an API caching method that should significantly speed up VisualEditor loading 2019-12-04 Low Small Not Started
Cross Page Data Storage New functionality that will allow us to use data from templates in other pages which will automatically be updated. This can be used to reference any item stat and have it always be up to date with the source. 2019-12-04 Low Large Not Started