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Small ship manufactured by Origin Jumpworks
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M50 Interceptor
ManufacturerUnknown manufacturer (ORIG)
Production stateFlight Ready
Maximum crew1
Cargo capacity0 SCU
Null-cargo mass12,000 kg
Length11 m
Beam3 m
Height10 m

"The 2944 M50 was designed with one goal in mind: Make the ship that will win the next Murry Cup. The surprising thing is, Origin may have just about done it."
Galactic Gear

The galaxy’s premiere dedicated racer, the M50 packs a lot of thrust into a small package. It’s the ship dedicating racing fans are betting can take home the next Murray Cup… and it’s compact frame and powerful engines also make it a great courier or interceptor! If you need to be somewhere in a hurry (or get out of a jam quickly) then the M50 is the ship for you.


The first of the M Series Model 50 ships were unveiled at the Imperial Engineering Expo in 2920, in Prime, to a hesitant public. Constructed as a spiritual successor to Origin’s legendary X Sport, the first M50 was an attempt to reclaim Origin’s dominance on the racetrack. The public’s interest in their ship flagged, causing a slow and steady decline in sales. As the M50’s 25th anniversary approached, Origin Jumpworks felt that Humanity had finally caught up with their ship. They did not want to simply release ‘another’ version of the same old ship. They wanted to challenge and excite. To capture the thrill and exhilaration that only a high-performance ship can bring. To show their commitment, they pursued daring and visionary engineers scattered across the industry and gave them one of the most inspiring and terrifying starting points: a blank canvas.


Factory Specifications

Type Max Size Size Manufacturer Model
Power Plant S2 S2 ACOM Starheart II
Shields S2 S2 Gorgon Defender Allstop FR
Cooling System N/A N/A N/A N/A


Type Max Thrust Rating Thrust Rating Manufacturer Model Amount
Primary Thruster TR2 TR2 Hammer Propulsion HM 4.2 2
Maneuvering Thruster TR1 TR1 Origin Scalpel Precision B 8

Weapon Hardpoints

Max Size Size Manufacturer Model Mount Position Amount
S1 S1 Behring M3A Laser Cannon Template:Hardpoint Wingtip 2
S1 S1 Talon ASIM-20/c Stalker I Template:Hardpoint Underwing 1

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