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Snub cargo transport ship manufactured by Argo
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The MPUV-1C (Multi-Purpose Utility Vehicle Cargo), or more commonly known as the Argo Cargo, is a light transport ship manufactured by Argo Astronaustics and is designed to transfer small amounts of freight over a short distance. The cargo pod can also accommodate a single passenger.

Many are responsible for loading/unloading goods onto massive vessels that have difficulty either landing or using drydocks, such as the Hull D or the Orion. Some captains choose to own and operate their MPUV-1C, while others pay privately owned ships operating as port services a rental fee for performing the unloading process.[1][2] Many MPUV-1Cs are also used to conduct ship-to-ship transfers between capital ships such as the Javelin and Idris.


  • Durable: Built out of composite alloys capable of withstanding intense temperature and structural pressures both in atmosphere and out.
  • Modular Pods: The modular undercarriage can be outfitted with a variety of different pods such as cargo pods and escape pods which can be attached and detached on command.
  • Point-Precision Engines: The combined VTOL thrusters and its Point-Precision Engines allows precise maneuvers and heavy-lifting thrust.[3]


No weaponry or utility items present.


Ship profile

Isometric Above Port-side Front Rear Below
MPUV 1C in space - Isometric.jpg
MPUV 1C in space - Above.jpg
MPUV 1C in space - Port.jpg
MPUV 1C in space - Front.jpg
MPUV 1C in space - Rear.jpg
MPUV 1C in space - Below.jpg
Isometric Above Port-side Front Rear

Series variants

Image Name Description
MPUV 1P in space - Isometric.jpg
MPUV-1P A personnel transport variant that can carry up to 8 passengers.
  • Other possible variants: According to lore, the UEE military use the MPUV for search & rescue and munitions loading. It is also used by new pilots to train.[4]


Image Paint Name Description Price (aUEC) Price ($)
MPUV 1C BIS2951 in space - Isometric.jpg
"Best In Show 2951" Two-tone metallic dark blue & dark grey with dark grey accents. Limited edition. Reward to MPUV-C owners for the IAE 2951 event. [5] [not available] (Reward)

Universe availability



The MPUV-1C received a visual update in Alpha 3.13 patch.[6]


In 2021, the MPUV-1C won the 2951 Ship Showdown competition. It reached the last 16 knockout stage of the competition thanks to a strong push by backers.[7] Despite the ship being inferior in many respects, the MPUV-1C reached the grand final where it narrowly defeated the popular Mercury Star Runner, 18,211 votes to 18,037. The winner influenced the design of a new, officially licensed in-game backpack available for free to all backers who attend the the 2951 IAE event and all owners of the MPUV-1C will receive a free limited-edition ship livery and leather jacket for their character.[8]

The MPUV was offered as Referral Bonus with LTI in two situations. First during the Free Fly for the patch 3.15 and Second during the Luminalia 2952.


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