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Missions can be found on the Contract Manager app in the mobiGlas. Some missions are procedurally generated from lists, while others are predefined. Most are free to accept while a few have an up-front fee. Payouts come in the form of set UEC payments and determinant bonuses for fulfilling certain mission criteria. Some but not all missions are failed upon the player's death. Others have time limits.

The missions that are available will vary based on your current Area of Operations, your CrimeStat rating, what other missions you have completed and your standing with mission giver NPCs and the Bounty Hunter Guild. In the future more faction relations will factor in.

With the Contract Manager, after carefully reading all the information, you can apply for and accept job offers directly from your mobiGlas. Once you have accepted a contract, from the Accepted tab you will be able to see a detailed list of objectives, and can now also track and untrack contracts to have it sync with your Skyline map, as well as cancel contracts already in progress.

The Contract Manager has five tabs:

  • General: This tab gathers and displays available local contracts which have been Business and Labor Administration (BLA) certified to meet UEE and local law requirements.
  • Personal: These are offers being sent to your account specifically. Users are encouraged to be cautious accepting unsolicited contracts from unknown sources. The same subcategories from General also apply to Personal.
  • Accepted: Once you accept an offer, the contract is moved to this tab so that you can quickly access important information relating to it.
  • History: When a contract comes to end, either through successful completion or by other means, the record of it is kept here for reference.
  • Beacons: This tab lets you create a Service Beacon if you need assistance from another player and are willing to pay for it.

Mission Types


These are the invitations you receive from mission givers to first meet in person, opening up mission opportunities from them. These invitations are sent out when you have been completing regular missions of a similar type to what the mission giver offers.

Bounty Hunter

Contracts to pursue and track down specific, possibly dangerous individuals. As of Alpha 3.12, the Reputation System ties in to these missions.


Contracts received through the Emergency Communication Network system. When a new ECN alert is broadcast, this is seen on the HUD. ECN Alerts are used by Dynamic events but show under the "Priority" category instead.


Transport-related contracts to move cargo and goods between locations... but not always for legitimate reasons.


The usage of this tab is unusual and appears somewhat interchangeable with Investigation.


Used by insurance companies and individuals to acquire information. Also utilizes a data submission tool to allow users to submit applicable information to the client from the Accepted tab. Users may choose to submit their data to the client at any point, whether the matter has been fully investigated or not. Any complications to arise from this are the solely the responsibility of the user.

Service Beacon

See Service Beacon.


Jobs that require manual labor and trade skills such as repair work or hazardous material handling.


Offers in which the contractor is expected to have combat training, such as escort and security work. Also includes much in the way of unsavory violence.


While nothing is currently present in this category, it used to contain the planetside Scramble Race and will presumably also include the upcoming GrimHEX Race.


With the removal of Recco Battaglia in Alpha 3.12.1 pending the Nyx system, this type of mission has been put on hiatus.

Missions present as of Alpha 3.12.1

(Please note that this list is not yet comprehensive and is being actively worked on.)

Root Mission Ingame Names Tab Type Acquisition Contractor
Combat Assistance Service Beacon: Combat Assistance General Service Beacons Stanton Player / NPC
Personal Transport Service Beacon: Personal Transport General Service Beacons Stanton Player
Escort Service Beacon: Escort General Service Beacons Stanton Player
Assistance Needed ECN ALERT: Assistance Needed General ECN Alert Stanton Emergency Communications Network
Network Intrusion ECN ALERT: Network Intrusion General ECN Alert Stanton Emergency Communications Network
Tracker Training Permit Certification Tracker Training Permit Certification General Bounty Hunter Stanton Bounty Hunter Guild
Tracker Beginner's Permit Certification Tracker Beginner's Permit Certification General Bounty Hunter Stanton Bounty Hunter Guild
Verified Freelancer Bounty Assessment Verified Freelancer Bounty Assessment General Bounty Hunter Stanton Crusader Security
Bounty Hunter Contractor Evaluation Bounty Hunter Contractor Evaluation General Bounty Hunter Stanton Hurston Dynamics
Suspect Apprehension Certification Suspect Apprehension Certification General Bounty Hunter Stanton Bounty Hunter Guild
Remove Claimjumpers Remove Claimjumpers General Mercenary Stanton Shubin Interstellar
A Call to Arms A Call to Arms General Mercenary Stanton Civilian Defense Force
Claiming a Stake Claiming a Stake / Clearing the Competition / Mine Worth Taking Personal Mercenary Stanton Dusters
Meet Constantine Outsourcing Opportunity Personal Appointment Stanton Constantine Hurston
Meet Tecia Time for a Visit / Come See Me Personal Appointment Stanton Tecia Pacheco
Recovery Contract Recovery Contract Personal Mercenary Meeting Constantine Hurston
Dearly Departed Dearly Departed / Down for the Count Personal Mercenary Meeting / ArcCorp Tecia Pacheco
The Price of Freedom The Price of Freedom Personal Mercenary Meeting Tecia Pacheco
Cargo Retrieval Cargo Retrieval / Cargo Assist / Need a Hand / Lost in Space / Lost Cargo / Cargo Collection General Search Hurston / ArcCorp / Crusader / microTech Various
Supply Re-Up Supply Re-Up Personal Delivery ArcCorp / Crusader / microTech Unknown
Collection & Disposal Collection & Disposal / Removal Services Needed / Disposal Request General Maintenance Hurston / ArcCorp / Crusader Various
Investigate Wreckage Claim Investigate Wreckage Claim General Investigation Hurston / ArcCorp / Crusader ProtLife Insurance
Investigate Missing Client Investigate Missing Client General Investigation Hurston / Crusader / microTech ProtLife Insurance
Missing Person Missing Person / Missing Persons Report / Missing Persons Case General Investigation Hurston / ArcCorp / Crusader Various
Missing Crew Missing Crew / Starfarer's Crew Missing General Investigation Hurston / Crusader Various
Boarding Action in Progress URGENT: Boarding Action in Progress General Mercenary ArcCorp / microTech Northrock Service Group
Appropriation Appropriation / Floater / Take Away / Search and Seizure / Property Reclamation / Go Fish / A Light Touch / Grab 'N Go Personal Delivery Hurston / ArcCorp / Crusader Nine Tails / Low Riders / NovaRiders / Dusters
Not So Secret Stash Not So Secret Stash / Take What's Theirs Personal Investigation Hurston / ArcCorp / Crusader Unknown
Magic Trick Magic Trick / Cleaner Needed / Big Dump / Wasted / Messy Situation Personal Maintenance ArcCorp / Crusader Unknown
Array Hack Array Hack / Dis-Array Personal Mercenary Crusader / microTech Unknown
Red Wind Local Delivery Route Red Wind Local Delivery Route General Delivery Hurston Red Wind
Shipment Lost Shipment Lost / Lost Cargo General Search Hurston Various
Hurston Bounty (VLRT) Wanted:... (VLRT) General Bounty Hunter Hurston Hurston Dynamics
Hurston Bounty (LRT) Wanted:... (LRT) General Bounty Hunter Hurston Hurston Dynamics
Evict Illegal Occupants Evict Illegal Occupants General Mercenary Hurston Hurston Dynamics
Authorized Execution Warrant Authorized Execution Warrant General Mercenary Hurston Hurston Dynamics
Halt Illegal Surveillance Halt Illegal Surveillance General Mercenary Hurston Hurston Dynamics
Sound of Silence Sound of Silence / Blackout / Wire Cutter / Deaf & Dumb / Peeping Toms Personal Mercenary Hurston Nine Tails
Force For Good Force For Good / Time For Action / Righteous Raid Personal Mercenary Hurston Ex Malo Bonum
A Chance to Impress A Chance to Impress / Another Chance to Impress Personal Mercenary Hurston Vaughn
A Simple Task A Simple Task Personal Mercenary Hurston Vaughn
Covalex Local Delivery Route Covalex Local Delivery Route General Delivery ArcCorp Covalex Shipping
Seize and Destroy Narcotics Seize and Destroy Narcotics General Mercenary ArcCorp BlacJac Security
Research Scan Help Research Scan Help / Research Assistance / Collect and Deploy Probe General Delivery Crusader Imperial Cartography Center
Ling Family Local Delivery Route Ling Family Local Delivery Route General Delivery Crusader Ling Family Hauling
Finish Covalex Delivery Finish Covalex Delivery / Waiting on my Package / Frustrated with Covalex / Complete Delivery Order / Need My Package Found General Delivery Crusader Various
Gundo Aftermath Delivery Personal Effects / A Mother's Plea / Help Me Get My Stuff Back / Looking for Closure / My Dad's Stuff / Unexpected Inheritance General Delivery Crusader Various
Crusader Bounty (VLRT) Bounty Issued For... (VLRT) General Bounty Hunter Crusader Crusader Security
Crusader Bounty (LRT) Bounty Issued For... (LRT) General Bounty Hunter Crusader Crusader Security
Unauthorized Surveillance Detected Unauthorized Surveillance Detected General Mercenary Crusader Crusader Security
Kareah Sweep Tresspassers Detected at Kareah / Security Post Breached / Kareah Infiltrated / Break In At Kareah General Mercenary Crusader Crusader Security
Hunting Party Hunting Party / Cleaning House Personal Mercenary Crusader Unknown
P.I. Wanted P.I. Wanted Personal Investigation Crusader Elaine Ward
UDM Local Delivery Route UDM Local Delivery Route General Delivery microTech Unified Distribution Management
Illegal Monitors Detected Illegal Monitors Detected General Mercenary microTech MT Protection Services
Remove Illegal Occupants Remove Illegal Occupants General Mercenary microTech MT Protection Services
Extermination Job Extermination Job Personal Mercenary microTech Unknown
Inmate Maintenance Opportunity Inmate Maintenance Opportunity General Maintenance Prison Klescher Rehabilitation Facilities

Untracked Missions

Legacy Missions