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Documentation for this module may be created at Module:Shortcut/config/doc

-- This module holds configuration data for [[Module:Shortcut]].

return {

-- The heading at the top of the shortcut box. It accepts the following parameter:
-- $1 - the total number of shortcuts. (required)
['shortcut-heading'] = '[[Star_Citizen:Shortcut|{{PLURAL:$1|Shortcut|Shortcuts}}]]',

-- The error message to display when a shortcut is invalid (is not a string, or
-- is the blank string). It accepts the following parameter:
-- $1 - the number of the shortcut in the argument list. (required)
['invalid-shortcut-error'] = 'shortcut #$1 was invalid (shortcuts must be ' ..
	'strings of at least one character in length)',

-- The error message to display when no shortcuts or other displayable content
-- were specified. (required)
['no-content-error'] = 'Error: no shortcuts were specified and the ' ..
	mw.text.nowiki('|msg=') ..
	' parameter was not set.',

-- A category to add when the no-content-error message is displayed. (optional)
['no-content-error-category'] = 'Shortcut templates with missing parameters',
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