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| Name = Morningstar Helmet
| Name = Morningstar Helmet
| Image = Morningstar Helmet.png
| Image = Morningstar Helmet.png
| Manufacturer =  
| Manufacturer = KSAR
| Class = Medium Armor
| Class = Medium Armor
| Gender =
| Gender =

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Morningstar Helmet.png
Morningstar Helmet
Manufacturer Kastak Arms (KSAR)
Class Medium Armor
Type Helmet
UEC Cost 2590
Armor 30% Reduction

Show no weakness while wearing the Morningstar. This fully-enclosed combat helmet is tailored to endure a variety of combat situations and provides protection against an array of threats from ballistic to concussive to energy.

Morningstar Helmet is sold at the following locations as of Alpha 3.7:

Shop Price Color
Skutters, GrimHEX 2590 Black

Armor Set Helmet Core Arms Legs Undersuit
InquisitorSet.pngInquisitor x100pxInquisitor x100pxInquisitor x100pxInquisitor x100pxInquisitor x100pxInquisitor Morningstar Helmet Inquisitor Core Inquisitor Arms Inquisitor Legs Stoneskin Undersuit

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