Northrock Group Bounty (HRT)

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{{Infobox Mission | Name = Northrock Group Bounty (HRT) | Image = | Priority = General | Type = Bounty Hunter | Series = | UEC Buy In = | UEC Pay = 39375 + Bonuses | Start Location = Hurston AO | Mission Giver = | Requirements = Journeyman Tracker License Certification
[[Pro Tem Group Warrant Contract] | Difficulty = | Faction = Northrock Service Group | Parallel Missions = }}

The mission Northrock Group Bounty (HRT) has Northrock Service Group task the player with taking down three High-Risk Target (HRT) in the Hurston vicinity within a certain time limit.


  • Bounty Assignment: Group Warrant (HRT)


Spoiler content

"Advocacy have been hunting down a group, but haven't had much luck. Lucky for them, Northrock is ready to pick up the slack.

We got a time restricted warrant for: - (Name 1) - (Name 2) - (Name 3)

Be careful when you engage the targets. I don't want any of them slipping the net and costing us credits.

Braden Corchado Logistics Officer - Stanton Branch

Northrock Service Group"


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