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Quantum enforcement

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Mantis activating the QED to disrupt a Caterpillar

Quantum enforcement is the usage of Quantum Enforcement Devices (QEDs) to stall or prevent quantum travel in other ships. Due to the nature of this technology, certain jurisdictions will require licenses or for the operator to be a part of certain organizations [1]. Generally, quantum enforcement includes two techniques, quantum snare, and quantum dampening.

Quantum Snare

The Quantum snare is the primary utilization of the QED, intended for large-radius events (approx. 10–20 km), and will create a "bubble" around the ship. Any ship that is within the bubble will be knocked out of Quantum travel, and ships passing through will be pulled out of quantum travel as well. Engaging the Quantum Snare requires significant charge-up time, and maintaining the snare requires a lot of power while generating large amounts of heat.

Quantum Dampening

Quantum Dampening is the secondary usage of the QED, preventing the activation of quantum drives within a short range while active (approx. 2000m). In contrast to the Snare, Dampening can be activated instantly, trapping lone unwary ships as long as they are within its radius.


As of Patch 3.11, QEDs are available on the RSI Mantis and the Drake Cutlass Blue.


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