Research Scan Help

Delivery mission from Imperial Cartography Center
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Research Scan Help
Priority General
Type Delivery
UEC Pay 2500
Start Location Crusader AO
Faction Imperial Cartography Center

The mission Research Scan Help sees the ICC task the player with deploying a Data Probe in a particular area of space in the vicinity of Crusader. The probe functions as a 0.25 SCU cargo crate except for the fact that when it is deployed, you will need to activate it.


  • Research Scan Help
  • Research Assistance
  • Collect and Deploy Probe
  • Probe Deployment



Spoiler content

"We have a research probe waiting at (Landing Zone) to be collected. You will then transport and deploy the data probe at (Location). In the interest of full disclosure, some of our past contractors have run into outlaws and the like during similar operations, but there's no reason to expect such difficulties here. Any contractors interested in assisting us with this task should let the Imperial Cartography Center know at your earliest convenience."


Spoiler content

"Recently, our long-range sensors picked up some anomalous readings from the asteroids surrounding [Location]. To better understand them, the ICC is hiring a contractor to deploy a scan probe on site. We have been advised by local security that outlaws have been known to operate in the vicinity. Please use caution."


Spoiler content

"To further the ICC's understanding of the system, we are hoping to have a probe deployed to help gather information. After picking the probe up from [Pickup location], you will be responsible for transporting it to [Drop-off location] and activating it. Unfortunately, the deployment area has been known to be frequented by hostiles. Extreme caution is advised."


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