Sand Nomads

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A Sand Nomad (from ATV: Road to Citizen Con)[1]

Sand Nomads are a group of human Outlaws, living a restless life on Leir III. Ignored by the UEE and the Outsiders, they forming small wandering groups, endangered by the Valakkar and the raging sandstorms of the planet.


Sand Nomads wearing in the Homestead Demo a tight linen-like cloth skirt and trousers in combination with a armored suit to protect their body. They also wear a hood - similar to a tallit or a berber cheich. But instead of a veil (typical for the chich) to protect their eyes, mouth and nose from sand grains, they use a special mask which covers mouth and face. In the demo they speak also a cryptic high-pitched language.


The Model was based on an idea by Josh Herman [2] and designed by Jeremiah Lee. Lee labeled the model a "Desert Nomad Character".[3]


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  • In ATV 3.13 a picture of a Djinn from Clash of Titans franchise were shown as an artistical reference for a Sand Nomad.[4]


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