Screaming Galsons

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Screaming Galsons
Type Faction
Parent Org Outlaw
Focus Piracy

"Talk about my kinda of crew; maniacs, all of 'em, but bloody good at their jobs. See, professional crews can't just be craaaaaazy, kiddos. They gotta be cunning and competent too."
Jester, B0otyCall[1]

Arina Heller and her husband (Victor Heller's father) are/were both members of the Screaming Galsons in the Tyrol system, they have over sixty counts of piracy, theft, assault and robbery between them. Arina was killed by a bounty hunter in early April, 2943.[2]

The Screaming Galsons also have a presence in the Odin system, where they sell ships with clean tags and overclocked components.[1]

The Screaming Galsons will be in chapter four of Squadron 42.[3]


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