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Squadron 42 is a single player game [1] developed by Chris Roberts and his development studio Cloud Imperium Games. It shares the same game lore and game development background and was sold together with Star Citizen until the game "pledge packages" were split on 2016-02-14.Template:RSI


SQ42 was announced originally in a Kickstarter campaign in 2012 together with Star Citizen. After the implementation of more Stretch goals (the last stretch goal was achieved 2014-11-10) the release was subsequently postponed. After CitizenCon in 2015, a new homepage "Answer the Call" showed the date 2016. At CitizenCon 2016 Roberts confirmed a delay of the game. Its release date is currently unknown. [2]Template:RSIref


"Take the role of a rookie UEE Navy combat pilot in a cinematic single-player epic adventure set in the Star Citizen universe.

  • Battle in the stars and face-to-face as you seamlessly transition between dogfighting and ground combat.
  • Serve aboard a massive Navy capital ship as your custom character interacts and builds relationships with a living, breathing crew.
  • Cutting-edge performance capture brings unprecedented emotion and life to some of your favorite actors.
  • Powered by CryEngine, Squadron 42 pushes gaming graphics and fidelity to the next level."
  • Squadron 42 will have "have some level of difficulty setting".[3]
  • Squadron 42 will have first person shooter elements.[4]
  • Character customization.[5][6]
  • Squadron 42 will have planetary landings and possibly procedural generated planets.[7][8]


The story will begin after the Events of Vega II in 2945.[9][10] It will detail the story of the player joining and flying with the UEE Navy's celebrated 42nd Squadron.

At some point the player will serve on board the UEES Stanton which is assigned to the 5th Fleet, 87th Battlegroup in the Odin system.[11]


The cast of Squadron 42 includes a strong list of A-list actors and actresses including

Full Cast & Crew on IMDb (As of 2016-11-05 not complete).

Squadron 42 Soundtrack

Squadron 42's soundtrack composed by Geoff Zanelli, is not yet available, however some tracks have been publicly shared. Geoff Zanelli's Website

Named Tracks by Zanelli

  • Bishop Speech
  • Cutlass Tango
  • Old Man Teaser

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