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This page lists various tasks that need doing on Star Citizen Wiki. This list shows which tasks may be completed if you are unsure what to do next.

Note: Some parts of this page may be out of date. For clarification, please discuss on the Wiki Discord channel

On-going tasks

These tasks are part of ongoing maintenance work. They include short-term cleanup or long-term revamps of categories.

For staff members

The following tasks can only be carried out by staff members such as Editors or Administrators.

  • Marked for deletion
    Articles in this category should be investigated by an Editor. If the criteria for deletion are met, the article(s) should be deleted. This category should normally be empty

By all users

The following tasks can be carried out by all users.

  • Partake in active discussions
    The Community Portal talk page is used to discuss topics that may apply to the entire wiki, organized events, or wiki management. Input is always welcome and will be considered before taking any actions. This page may also be used to remind users of events or changes that may affect them.
  • Add to articles listed as Stubs
    Stubs are pages which need additional content before being considered full articles. After content has been added, start a discussion on the page's talk page before removing the {{Stub}} from the article.
  • Add categories to any uncategorized pages, images, and categories
    This is a high-level task, and will require more in-depth knowledge of the categorization scheme first. Adding these categories allows for easier organization between pages and facilitates moving from one related article to another.
  • Recent changes patrol
    By carefully watching the Recent Changes page, especially noting new pages and edits from anonymous users, vandalism and spam can be caught early and fixed before misinformation is spread to readers. Such changes should be reverted and Staff should be alerted in Discord or on Talk pages regarding the users' misdemeanor and the affected pages.
  • Fix orphaned pages
    Pages that are not linked to are orphaned. Every page should be linked to from elsewhere, or it may be very difficult for users to find them. If the contents in an orphaned page are not useful, they should be marked for deletion. Care should be taken with red-linked pages, as they may be used in the future.
  • Fix dead-end pages
    As opposed to orphaned pages, dead-end pages have no links to any other pages, forcing the user to go back. These pages should be updated to provide new, useful links to other pages.

Task requests

If there are any general tasks that need doing - but which you either don't have the time, skill, or user-rights to perform them - then please list your request under this section and sign it with your name and date.