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Star Citizen:Translations

Translations on the Star Citizen Wiki
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On behalf of the entire Star Citizen community we would like to thank you profusely for your additional interest and effort of translating the Star Citizen Wiki. Please do not hesitate to add yourself in the list if you would like to help us with your local language skills!

We are in the first stages of enabling the translation projects. Great to see the languages come on line!

Your first step as a translator would be to visit the Star Citizen Wiki Discord channel and get Verified as a translator.

Translation resources

Guide: Help:Translations & Help:Translation Administration

Standard Terms: Help:Standard Terms - In progress - to be translated.

Standardization templates: Category:I18n templates - Please translate these first

Translatable page: Special:PageTranslation

Translation portal: Special:Translate

Statistics: Special:SupportedLanguages

Translation team


Join us in the Chinese translator Discord!



Please use the French translation coordination talk page


Please join us on our German Discordserver




Join us in the Russian community Discord server for translations coordination