Star Citizen Alpha 3.6.2

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Released (2019-09-06 - 4 months ago)

Alpha Patch 3.6.2 is now available! Patch should now show: PTU-2749409.

Database Persistence Wipe: YES

Known Issues

  • The largest ships currently refuel extremely slowly.
  • The battlebridge currently lacks pilot remote control screens.
  • Attempting to interact and directly climb from one seat into another may lock the player.

New Features


  • Added two more XL hangars to Lorville and Area18 to accommodate the 890 and Reclaimer.

Ships and Vehicles

Feature Updates


  • Slightly reworked ship and pad sizes at the largest end. The Reclaimer and 890 Jump can only be spawned at large ports that can accommodate ships of that size. For now, those ports are Lorville and Area18.

Ships and Vehicles

  • Removed damage drop from neutrons and reduced damage to bypass shield penetration issue.
  • Attritions have had their heat based damage bonus removed and been given a slight damage increase to compensate as a temporary work around to the unintended shield penetration.

Bug Fixes

  • Neutron weapons should no longer penetrate shields at longer ranges.
  • Attrition weapons should no longer penetrate shields.


  • Various performance optimizations.