Star Citizen Alpha 3.7.0

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Released (2019-10-04 - 3 months ago)

Alpha Patch 3.7.0 has been released to PTU, and is now available to test! Patch should now show: PTU-3113732.

Note: This patch does not contain all of the intended features, which will be added iteratively to the notes as they become available. Additionally, some features may be implemented in a partial state and as such are not ready for testing. When those features reach a playable state they will be detailed on the notes and added to the "Testing Focus".

Testing Focus

  • Banu Defender
  • Caves and cave missions
  • FPS mining, harvesting, and personal inventory
  • ATC crimestat restrictions
  • Ship rental system
  • Vanguard variants
  • The Good Doctor Star Marine map
  • Proximity Assist and Manual VTOL
  • Pirate Swarm Updates
  • New FPS weapon attachments
  • Character Customizer v2
  • Mission sharing, mission rewards, and AI service beacons

Known Issues

  • Currently there's collision that's preventing entry into the Defender, but it is flyable in Arena Commander for those who own it.
  • Players with a level 1 crime stat cannot request hangars doors to be open when leaving Area18 or Lorville.
  • Changes made on the character customizer do not appear in the PU.
  • Equipping any of the new Kroneg weapons onto a ship will negatively affect the ship's pitch and roll speed.
  • Snoopy cap appears in hair style options on the character customizer.
  • P-72's ship description contains placeholder text.
  • In Star Marine's Demien Comms enemy indicators can sometimes be seen through walls.
  • There's a chance a vehicle will become unresponsive after quantum travel.
  • CRU-L5 is obstructed from most directions.
  • The Freelancer DUR does not spawn in correctly and is usually unreachable.
  • The Freelancer MIS bounces on the pad when spawned.
  • Darneely uses the wrong audio dialogue when offering a mission.
  • NPC beacons will sometimes display an incorrect distance.
  • Players can not complete the Clovus downed satellite counter measure after killing the opposing player when they * are in possession of the computer blade.
  • "Maintenance" mission objective boxes vanish when they are picked up and dropped.
  • The video feed for ATC is currently blank.
  • AI ships traveling along a route will often get stuck.
  • Attempting to quantum travel to destinations from orbit of ArcCorp or its moons may result in the player colliding with the surface.
  • Ships can spin excessively out of control when their wing is clipped.
  • Landing illegally and having your ship despawn while a mission box is inside will break mission progress.
  • AI security ships are not correctly dampening player quantum travel.
  • Players in the same ship may see the ship in different locations.
  • The textures on the Reclaimer's main turret are incorrect.
  • There's a large rectangular area missing from the surface of Daymar around one of the caves.
  • Multiple scope crosshairs are off center when viewed in ADS.
  • Corpses at derelicts are hidden under objects or hull.
  • Players may crash when loading into the industrial hangar.
  • Players may crash when changing hair back to original when using the character customizer.
  • Ships may display as rented if the player exits to title while a claim is in progress.
  • The reformation distortion scattergun currently has a blue light texture issue.
  • The default hair may be present under other hairstyles.
  • If you leave and reenter the commodity kiosk the "sell" tab icons will remain even though you are on the "buy" tab.

Feature Updates


  • Updated character customization to version 2.
    • The updated customer has been streamlined to create better flow. Players now start by selecting a gender and a base head. Other heads can then be blended with the base as a whole or as isolated features by selecting on either the left column or on the region the player wishes to customize on the head itself. Players can also randomize any selection (dice on bottom center of screen).
  • Updated flashlight projection.
  • Updated stamina usage to increase sprint time and regeneration rates.


  • Updated Arial's heightmap distribution.
  • Temporarily removed rest stop HUR L2.
  • Removed the Argo from Area18's spaceport.


  • Improved AI combat ship behavior for more dynamic target selection and engagement based on relevant threats.


  • Adjusted misdemeanor fine values including a significant reduction in illegal parking fee.
  • Improved the chat interface and multiple channel support for VOIP/FOIP.
  • Updated all mission rewards
  • Temporarily disabled escort style missions.
  • Made crime stat restrictions more lenient for mission offerings.
  • Updated AI service beacons with new sequenced waves of enemies, more challenging opponents, and kill rewards.
  • Reworked and reintroduced the level 5 wanted distraction mission.
  • Temporarily removed several city locations from the delivery system.
  • Adjusted the position of some of the no-fly zones around horizontal hangars at Area18.
  • Updated tablet grip template so players can turn items like computer blades in their hand.
  • Updated Pirate Swarm.
  • Pirate swarm has been updated to 10 waves and now has a new suite of opponent ships. The final wave also features an extra challenge.

Ships and Vehicles

  • Improved the fuel consumption of the 890 Jump.
  • Increased CryAstro refueling rates for larger ships.
  • Reworked audio for EMP.
  • Fixed automated gimbals so it only requires the firing solution to be in the cone as originally intended.
  • Updated usables in the 890 Jump.
  • Updated the nose array on the Hoplite to BRVS Ballistic Repeaters (Sawbuck variant).
  • Changed the exterior paint on the Hoplite.
  • Adjusted 890's health pool so it has more hull durability.
  • Slightly increased engine trails to increase motion readability.

Weapons and Items

  • Rebalanced recoil for the KSAR Karna.
  • Removed size 1 and 3 Tachyon cannons and size 2 Tachyon cannons can now only be equipped to the Banu Defender.

Major Bug Fixes

  • The Vanguard should no longer lose shields and cooling if it loses the left wing.
  • Delivery missions should now complete more consistently.
  • Fixed scope magnification values on existing sight attachments.
  • Capture points going toward neutral should no longer continue to do so if no one is in the capture zone for Star Marine.
  • Fixed numerous issues with the pistol aim pose.
  • Storing the hacking chip should be consistent with stow behavior of other hand held items.
  • The character flashlight should now move with the character's head while in free look.
  • There should no longer be a gap in collision between the sky bus and the platform at Area18.
  • The quantum HUD should no longer vanish if the player exits the seat and returns during travel.
  • There should no longer appear to be blurring inside of ships during quantum travel.
  • The 890 Jump should now have countermeasures.
  • Port Olisar turret UI markers should no longer appear to float away.
  • Fixed 2x gravity around underground facilities.
  • Outlaws in Star Marine should now be able to equip armor other than light.
  • The Gladius should no longer have shield holes.
  • Fixed an issue where physical damage wasn't penetrating the 890's shields.
  • The 890 should no longer consume fuel more than intended.
  • Players should no longer be able to generate UEC by exploiting ship refueling.
  • The Reliant should be able to hold handheld cargo.
  • NPC service beacons should no longer spam the player.
  • Bed logout should work consistently.
  • Missile detach VFX should no play properly.
  • FPS weapon hits should now register properly inside the 890's hangar bay.
  • The options menu should no longer get stuck on when selected from the character customizer.
  • Ships should no longer QT into Daymar and explode when splining jump from between 2000 and 2500 meters.
  • Targeting and missile brackets should now appear properly for all ground vehicles.

New Features


  • Added a voice activation option for VOIP transmission available on the options menu.
  • Added ship rental kiosks.
    • Ship rental kiosks can be found at Teasa Spaceport in Lorville (Vantage Rentals) and Riker Memorial Spaceport in Area18 (Traveller Rentals). During rental, players can specify the duration (1, 3, or 30 days) with longer time being a better overall value. Rented ships are insuranced and customizable. The time remaining on the rental is shown on the mobiGlas and the ASOP terminal.
  • Players can now mine small rocks for valuable commodities while on foot. Details needed: shop location for multi and attachment
    • To mine minerals and crystals while on foot, players will need the multi-tool plus a mining attachment which can be found at Area18, Lorville, and Levski. Once equipped players will be shown a UI interface for mining laser strength and fracture window similar to the mining mechanic on the Prospector. Once the rock is fractured, valuable minerals will be broken off and can be hand collected and stowed in the players personal inventory.
  • Harvestable objects can now be found and collected at various planetary bodies.
  • Harvestable objects are valuable and can be stowed in the players inventory for later sale at commodity kiosks. Currently, harvestables can be found on the surface of Hurston, Ariel, Aberdeen and Daymar as well as within all caves.
  • Added a visor message that should notify the player if they are intentionally not respawned in a ship bed they had previously logged out of to help track down issues with bed logout.
  • Added: Player Personal Inventory
    • Player personal inventory can be accessed using interaction mode and selecting an activation dot in the player's view or by using the "TAB" key. From there a radial menu will appear showing the overall storage available, the percentage fill, and what items are stored. The amount a player can carry is based on the type of armor they are wearing, with storage capacities shown on kiosks and shop displays. Players can also highlight and drop items as well as store all items in a carriable box, which itself can be stored in the cargo grid of a ship. Both the cargo grid stored box and the inventory itself can be sold at commodity kiosks.
  • The commodity and trading kiosks now detects the player's personal inventory.
  • Added caves to Daymar, Hurston, and Aberdeen.
  • Caves can now be found on the above rocky moons and planet, each contain harvestables and FPS mineable resources.
  • ATC will now restrict landing privileges based on crimestat.
    • Most major landing areas will now not grant landing privileges to anyone with a crimestat of two or more.. GrimHex will allow anyone to land, including those in stolen ships. Rest stops and * * Levski will allow anyone up to wanted level three to land but will not allow stolen ships.
  • New missing person mission set in caves.
  • Flares can now be purchased at Conscientious Objects on Levski, Cubby Blast at Area18, Tammany & Son's at Lorville, and Live Fire at Port Olisar.
  • Added high inventory armor with backpack attachment "Rucksack" available at Conscientious Objects on Levski, Cubby Blast at Area18, and Tammany & Son's at Lorville.
  • Flares can be equipped to utility slights, manually activated with the "use" interaction, thrown, and held.
  • Players can now share missions.
    • Accepted missions now have the "share" option, which shares the mission with all members of the player's current party. Upon mission completion, the total payout is divided up among the party members.
  • New Star Marine Elimination Map: The Good Doctor
    • "The Good Doctor" map is set in a research station that surveys rock formations, natural gases, flora, and fauna.

Ships and Vehicles

  • Added: Aegis Vanguard Harbinger
  • Added: Aegis Vanguard Sentinel
  • Added: Banu Defender
    • The Banu Defender has a special shield that is best operated by two people via advanced hardening mechanics. This is best operated by a co-pilot adjusting the hardening on their MFD while the pilot focus on flying and engaging enemies.
  • Added a keybind "J" to manually toggle compatible ships into VTOL mode, shifting the ships thrust orientation when desired.
  • Some small ships can now mount size 2 gimbals into size 1 hardpoints, allowing them to gimbal size 1 weapons. Those ships include the Auroras, Mustangs, Merlin, Archimedes, 85x, Nox, Dragonfly, and Prospector.
  • Added new IFCS system: Proximity Assist
    • Proximity assist, which will now replace hover mode for near surface control, dampens ship acceleration when near surfaces to give the pilot better fine control and is enabled by default. * * * Proximity assist can be disabled in the options menu.

Weapons and Items

  • New Ship Weapon: Kroneg FL Series Laser Cannons.
    • A high damage, long range energy cannon designed for versatile usage at medium to long range. Various sizes can be found at Dumper's Depot on both Port Olisar and Area18 as well as Centermass.
  • New FPS Weapon: Hedeby Salva Frag Pistol.
    • While the Salvo can be used as a normal pistol, Hedeby didn’t stop there. With a longer trigger pull, a freezing primer is injected into the chamber and when released, the heavy firing pin hits with enough force to pulverize the supercooled casing. Accidentally developed as an attempt to mitigate overheating, this charged fire option discharges a deadly spray of high-velocity fragments followed by an ear-shattering boom. The Salva Frag Pistol can be purchased at Livefire at Port Olisar, HUR-L2, CRU-L1, Skutters, and Tammany and Sons.
  • Added additional weapon sight attachments and updated some of the current ones.
  • Additional attachments: NVTC 1x Holo, NVTC 2x Holo. Reworked: NVTC 3x Holo, NVTC 4x Telescopic, Red Dot.
  • FPS combat ai will now prioritize targets based on distance, visibility, and incoming damage and should engage the player more effectively.
  • Added new barrel and under-barrel weapon attachments.
    • New under-barrel attachments from ARMA including a flashlight, laser sight, suppressor, flash hider (hides muzzle flash), compensator (recoil reduction), and energy stabilizer (recoil reduction). Like other attachments, these can be found at shops that sell compatible firearms. Activate attachments with the "U" key. Note: Weapon descriptions give the compatible sizes for all available attachment slots.

Core Tech

  • Arena Commander and the Persistent Universe now use separate ship databases.
    • Arena Commander and the Persistent Universe now maintain separate ship and item databases. The status of your ship in the persistent universe, including fuel state, damage state, and whether it is destroyed or not will have no impact on your ship setup in Arena Commander. Loadout customization is also specific to each game mode and is no longer transferable. Rented items and ships done in the Arena Commander customization menu will only be available in that mode and vice versa for purchased or rented items and ships in the persistent universe.

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