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Example of a system (Stanton)

Star systems, usually simply referred to as 'systems', are gravitationally bound collections of orbitally organized planets, planetoids and asteroids around a governing star or group of stars. The gravitational stress of the central objects allows the formation of Jump Points between systems, which allow near-instantaneous interstellar travel. Systems contain the most important locations in the galaxy; from homeworlds to military outposts. The vast majority of systems have a large star, black hole, or other massive object around which the other stellar objects orbit.

Travel and Exploration

The only viable inter-system travel means is represented by jump points, which are hyper-stable wormholes that form between two neighboring massive gravity wells, such as those of stars, black holes, etc. However, the stability of jump points can be decreased by the presence of other significant substellar gravity wells, such as those of gas giants (ex: Jupiter, Saturn, etc.) and their satellite systems, which interfere with the space-time fabric. For intra-system travel, a ship would use its quantum drive, which allows for velocities nearing or slightly exceeding 20% of the speed of light and consuming quantum fuel to do so.

Notable systems

United Empire of Earth

Other sovereign empires

Rihlah System
  • Rihlah: Xi’an military staging area converted to industrial and tourist world.
  • Orion: Site of the violent first contact with the Vanduul. Abandoned due to their frequent attacks on the human outposts.
  • Bacchus: Possible location of Banu homeworld and popular trading destination for UEE haulers.

Common Terms

Astronomical Unit (AU)
Roughly the distance from Earth to its orbital body, Sol. Used as a measurement for other in-system distance measurements. The actual value, in kilometers, of an AU is subject to change.
Asteroid Belt
A ring or cloud of rocky planetoids. Often mined for raw resources or used as a construction platform
Binary System 
System characterized by a "binary" set of two orbiting stars around which the other objects orbit
The premier evolution site of a sapient species. : The birthplanet of a certain individual.
Jump Point 
Naturally occurring wormhole used for near-instant travel between systems
Space Station 
Artificial base built as a platform for military, research, or other purposes in space. Often in orbit around planets or built into asteroids

List of all known Systems

Name Historical Names Affiliation Discovered in Size (AU) Star Type
78 Leonis Unclaimed 2945 Unknown Unknown
Ail'ka Ayr'ka Xi'an 2650, 2699 (between, known)
2915 (visited)
198 Main Sequence Dwarf-B
Bacchus Banu 2449, 2530 (between) 5 Main Sequence Dwarf-G, Main Sequence Dwarf-K
Baker UEE 2522 8 Main Sequence Dwarf-K, Main Sequence Dwarf-K
Banshee UEE 2317 55 Blue-White Neutron Star (Pulsar)
Branaugh Unclaimed 2877 4 Main Sequence Dwarf-K
Bremen UEE 2441 6.19 Main Sequence Dwarf-K
Caliban Vanduul 2341 (before, actual)
2341 (official)
9 Main Sequence Dwarf-G
Cano UEE 2463 10 Main Sequence Dwarf-G
Castra UEE 2544 22 Main Sequence Dwarf-B
Cathcart Unclaimed 2438 22 Main Sequence Dwarf-A
Centauri UEE 2365 21 Main Sequence Dwarf-A
Charon UEE 2538 6 Main Sequence Dwarf-K
Chronos UEE 2863 1 Main Sequence Dwarf-G
Corel UEE 2449 9 Main Sequence Dwarf-G
Croshaw UEE 2271 8 Main Sequence-Dwarf-G
Davien UEE 2430 17 Main Sequence-Dwarf-K
Eealus Xi'an 2530 (after) 6 Main Sequence-Dwarf-G
El'sin Xi'an 2530, 2945 (between) Unknown Unknown
Ellis UEE 2467 (before) 101 Main Sequence-Dwarf-F
Elysium Kaleeth'ala UEE 2541-11-15 13 Main Sequence Dwarf-F
Ferron UEE 2460 18 Main Sequence-Dwarf-F
Fora UEE 2281, 2317 (between) 14 Main Sequence Dwarf-K
GJ 667Cc Unclaimed 2232 (before, known) Unknown Unknown
Garron Developing 2784 6 Main Sequence Dwarf-G
Geddon Banu 2449, 2530 (between) 133 Main Sequence Dwarf-O
Genesis (system) Developing 2812 25 Main Sequence Dwarf-G
Gliese Banu 2712 14 Main Sequence Dwarf-A
Goss UEE 2509, 2516 (between) 6 Main Sequence Dwarf-K, Main Sequence Dwarf-K
Gurzil Odara UEE 2539 4 Main Sequence Dwarf-K
Hades Unclaimed 2515 (actual)
2531 (reported)
22 Main Sequence Dwarf-F
Hadrian Nivelin UEE 2510 65 Giants Giant-M
Helios UEE 2509 (before, actual)
2509 (official)
237 Main Sequence Dwarf-B
Horus UEE 2528 (before, claimed)
2528 (official)
5 Main Sequence Dwarf-M
Hyoton Xi'an
Idris (system) UEE 2493 11 Main Sequence Dwarf-F
Kabal UEE 2944 4 Main Sequence Dwarf-F
Kai'pua Kayfa Xi'an 2617 6 Main Sequence Dwarf-K
Kallis Developing 2921 20 Main Sequence Dwarf-G
Kellog Developing 2811 33 Main Sequence Dwarf-G
Khabari Xi'an 2530, 2945 (between) Unknown Unknown
Kiel UEE 2514 22 Main Sequence Dwarf-F
Kilian UEE 2463 194 Main Sequence Dwarf-G
Kins Banu 2509, 2542 (between) 13 Main Sequence Dwarf-K
Krell Kr'Thak 2530 (after, known) Unknown Unknown
Kyuk'ya Indra Xi'an 2531, 2793 (between) 31 Main Sequence Dwarf-A, White Dwarf Degenerate-A
Leir Unclaimed 2677 11 Main Sequence Dwarf-A
Magnus UEE 2499 3 Main Sequence Dwarf-K
Markahil Xi'an 2530, 2945 (between) Unknown Unknown
Min Unclaimed 2473 1 Rogue Gas Giant
Nemo UEE 2362 (actual, official)
2364 (announced)
12 Main Sequence Dwarf-F
Nexus Hathor, UDS-2445-3-09 UEE 2445-03-09 11 Main Sequence Dwarf-A
Nul Unclaimed 2290 119 Main Sequence Dwarf-G
Nyx Unclaimed 2582 39 Main Sequence-Dwarf-F
Oberon Unclaimed 2356 10 Main Sequence Dwarf-F
Odin UEE 2532 21 White Dwarf Degenerate-A
Ophos Banu 2438 (after) Unknown Orange
Oretani Unclaimed 2481 (before, actual)
2481 (official)
2485 (system lost)
37 Main Sequence Dwarf-K
Orion (system) Vanduul 2650 1 Main Sequence Dwarf-M
Osiris Developing 2788 4 Main Sequence Dwarf-K
Oso Developing 2861 16 Main Sequence Dwarf-F
Oya UEE 2587 44 Main Sequence Dwarf-G
Pyro Unclaimed 2469 (data)
2493 (visited)
17 Main Sequence-Flare-M
Rhetor UEE 2287 11 Main Sequence Dwarf-G
Rihlah Xi'an 2542 35 Main Sequence Dwarf-A
Sol UEE 1514 51 AU (Real)
5.1 AU (Ingame Scale)
Main Sequence-Dwarf-G
Stanton UEE 2903 (current lore)
2851 (upcoming revision)[1]
5 Main Sequence-Dwarf-G
Tal Xi'an 2789 15 Main Sequence Dwarf-A
Tamsa UEE 2943 303 Black Hole
Tanga Unclaimed 2441, 2532 (between) 82 Main Sequence Dwarf-A
Taranis Unclaimed 2478 7 Main Sequence-Dwarf-A
Tayac 368A UEE 2524 4 Main Sequence Dwarf-G
Terra 342A UEE 2516 12 Main Sequence-Dwarf-G'ūng Pallas Xi'an 2530 9 Main Sequence Dwarf-G
Tiber Vanduul 2474 2 Main Sequence-Dwarf-K
Tohil UEE 2716 11 Main Sequence-Dwarf-K
Trise Banu 2438, 2945 (between) 11 Main Sequence-Dwarf-G
Tyrol Unclaimed 2823 59 Subgiant, White Dwarf
UDS-2943-01-22 Unknown 2943-01-22 (known) Unknown White Dwarf, White Dwarf, Pulsar
Vagabond Vanduul 2726, 2945 (between, known) 1 Unknown
Vanguard (system) Vanduul 2726, 2943 (between) 1 Unknown
Vector Vanduul 2726 Unknown Unknown
Vega UEE 2356 8 Main Sequence-Dwarf-G
Vendetta Vanduul 2726, 2945 (between, known) Unknown Unknown
Veritas Vanduul 2726, 2945 (between, known) Unknown Unknown
Vermilion Vanduul 2726, 2945 (between, known) Unknown Unknown
Vesper Vanduul 2726, 2945 (between, known) Unknown Unknown
Viking Vanduul 2686 Unknown Unknown
Virgil Vanduul 2412 16 Main Sequence-Dwarf-K
Virgo Vanduul 2726, 2945 (between, known) Unknown Unknown
Virtus Xi'an 2721, 2793 (between) 98 Giants Giant-M
Volt Vanduul 2726, 2945 (between, known) Unknown Unknown
Voodoo Vanduul 2726, 2945 (between, known) Unknown Unknown
Vulture (system) Vanduul 2726, 2945 (between, known) Unknown Unknown
Yulin Banu 2430 (after) 30 Main Sequence-Dwarf-G
Yā'mon Hadur Xi'an 2531 15 Main Sequence Dwarf-F

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