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Template documentation (for the above template, sometimes hidden or invisible. Changes can be proposed in the talk page.)


This template is used to retrieve data of the latest ATV. As of now it requires a manual update every week. It is also transcribed onto the Front Page to show the latest Around the Verse video from Cloud Imperium Games


{{CurrentATV|link}} returns:


{{CurrentATV|month}} returns:

{{CurrentATV|day}} returns:

{{CurrentATV|year}} returns:

Updating the template
  |link= <!--URL of the ATV video -->
  |month= <!--Month of the ATV video -->
  |day= <!--Day of the ATV video -->
  |year= <!--Year of the ATV video -->

Home page ATV images can be found here:

1x: File:Home-atv.png

2x: File:[email protected]

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