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<includeonly><div name="fanlore" class="boilerplate metadata" id="fanlore">
<div class="mbox mbox-low mbox-playerorg" role="presentation"><span class="mbox-title"><span class="mbox-icon metadata">[[File:WikimediaUI-Notice.svg|14px|link=]]</span>This article is about a player organization.</span>
'''The following article is a [[:Category:Player Organizations|Player Organization]].'''
<div class="mbox-text">[[:Category:Player Organizations|Player Organizations]] are formed by real-world citizens and should not be considered as a part of official [[:Category:Lore|Star Citizen lore]].</div>
</div><templatestyles src="Template:Mbox/styles.css" /><noinclude>
It should not be considered official [[:Category:Lore|Star Citizen lore]].

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