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Monitor sight manufactured by Klaus & Werner
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{{Infobox weapon attachment
{{Infobox weapon attachment
|image =  
|image = Touchstone (8x) Monitor sight - SCT Mesh BG.png
|name = Touchstone (8x Monitor)
|name = Touchstone (8x Monitor)
|type = Optics
|type = Optics
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{{Navplate manufacturers|KLWE}}
{{Navplate manufacturers|KLWE}}

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Touchstone (8x) Monitor sight - SCT Mesh BG.png
Touchstone (8x Monitor)
ClassificationMonitor sight
ManufacturerKlaus & Werner (KLWE)
Mass0.1 kg
Production stateIntroduced in Alpha 3.0
Zoom level8x
Zeroing range1,000 m
Auto zeroingYes

The Touchstone (8x Monitor) is a size 3 8x monitor sight manufactured by Klaus & Werner. It has a max zeroing range of 1,000 meters and auto zeroing feature. It comes standard with the Arrowhead Sniper Rifle. It is not available for purchase standalone in-game as of Alpha 3.12.[1]

In-game description

While conventional scopes can induce eyestrain after extended periods of use, the Touchstone 8x monitor from Klaus & Werner provides ultra-critical eye relief and allows for “heads up” shooting where you are able to simultaneously track targets and observe environmental conditions. Built to cater to a variety of shooters, the Touchstone's reliability and clarity makes it the ideal choice for tactical rifles like the Arrowhead.


The Touchstone (8x Monitor) is introduced in Alpha 3.0 alongside with the Arrowhead Sniper Rifle.[2]


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