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Universities of the UEE

List of universities from United Empire of Earth
Editorial Note
This page attempts to represent published information about Universities in the UEE, but other institutions are implied to exist outside of those listed here.

A university is an institution of higher education and centre of research within the United Empire of Earth (UEE). While many are centred on the education-dominated Rhetor system, several other developed systems also have universities, and some planets have numerous Universities.

Universities of the Rhetor System

Reisse, in the Rhetor system.

Rhetor was discovered in 2287, making it the second extrasolar system to be visited after Croshaw, and the first system known two jumps away from the Sol system. The Croshaw - Rhetor Jump Point was discovered by students from Martian Institute of Space and Technology. The school's then-president Adrianne Zemlock , a critic of the way that Croshaw had been colonised by corporate interests, ransomed the Jump Point location to the government in return for a quarter of the habitable or terraformed land being set aside for educational purposes[1].

Universities on Persei (Rhetor II)

Persei is home to much of the mineral wealth of the system, and an Elite Naval Guard garrison. Institutions on Persei are often engaged in classified governmental research, resulting in access being more restricted than most planets.[1]

University of Persei Analytical Research and Quantification (UPARQ)

The University of Persei Analytical Research and Quantification (UPARQ), based on Persei, is one of the most influential think tanks in the UEE. Much of the new technological advancement for the UEE is thought to originate here. Some of this government work is classified but energy-efficient quantum drives and improved thermal-resistant spacesuit fabric are believed to have originated there.[1]

UPARQ Alumni and Faculty

Other Institutions on Persei

Founders of Caldera, Layth Brentano and Tetsuuya Lang, were provided with a research lab on Persei after graduation from the University of Rhetor. This lab was close to a Department of the Interior laboratory, where they met Akili Harris who is credited with inspiring the development of the Novikov "Expo" Armor and Pembroke Armor.[6] Attempts to weaponise terraforming technology were conducted in a laboratory on Persei, under the codename Project Vespa.[3][7] It is unclear whether these laboratories and institutions were associated with UPARQ.

Universities on Reisse (Rhetor III)

Reisse has a reputation as a hotbed of progressive activism, and as the higher education destination of choice for people who wish to have a more sociable and party-filled University experience.[1]

Carey University

Brian Ramsey, a chemist and researcher at Carey University, was credited as in expert in Maze rehabilitation and treating the 'disconnection' found in its users. He alleged that his former research partner Eva Anwar stole Maze for use in unregulated human experimentation[8]. This was later confirmed by the Advocacy[9].

Other sources place Carey University in the town of Reis, on Lago in the Nexus system[10], where a Messer Scholar assisted Apocalypse Arms founder Dalton Colabello in tracking prototype weapons that would lead to his founding of the company.[11]

Carey University Alumni and Faculty

University of Rhetor

The University of Rhetor offers a diverse range of subjects. In Humanities, the University houses archives documenting the history of the North American Alliance[13], and each year, eight students at the University of Rhetor receive the Ingstrom Fellowship for their work in the field of xenoarchaeology[14]. In the field of Life Sciences, genetic researchers at the University of Rhetor created the Opera Mushroom, Pleurotus cornusymphonia, and the first Xiphopods discovered on Leir I were brought to the University for study.[15] The University also trains engineers[14][16], has a paleontology department[17], as well as having a division of Geology[18]: Rhetor researchers used krypton-81 dating to find the age of the glaciers of Helios IV.[19]

University of Rhetor Alumni and Faculty

Universities on Mentor (Rhetor IV)

Universities on the cold, boreal planet of Mentor are highly rated, and students are considered overall more studious than those on Reisse.[1]

University of Mentor

The University of Mentor (UM) is a public research university on Mentor (Rhetor IV). Established shortly after the planet was terraformed, it is the oldest and largest institute of higher learning on Mentor. Its physical sciences and history programs are highly competitive, with 5 to 10% admissions rates for new students. UM’s reputation for rigorous, demanding study coupled with Mentor’s frigid environment may factor into the school’s relatively high dropout rate. The University of Mentor is responsible for maintenance and research efforts connected with the UEE's universal seed vaults.[23]

In the late 27th century, a study conducted by the University of Mentor showed that on average, Ergo's residents lived longer than residents of other worlds.[24]

University of Mentor Alumni and Faculty

Universities of Rhetor with no Specified Location

Scaliger School of Medicine

The Scaliger School of Medicine was attended by BiotiCorp founders, Ted Santos and Diyo Nikolas, who met as doctoral students. Their collaboration began in a lab named 'Decon' for its overly sensitive decontamination system. The School later invested in their private venture.[29] As BiotiCorp is headquartered on Reisse, the Scaliger School of Medicine may also be located there.

Universities of the Sol System

Moscow, on Earth. Home to the University of Moscow.

University of Earth at Australia (UEA)

The University of Earth at Australia (UEA) conducted the 2832 expedition to Zaffre Bay outside Prime on Terra led by Dr. Kleina Vasli, that uncovered the Vasli Fragment Stone.[30]

Haymore School of Economics

The Haymore School of Economics is located in Geneva. Magda Hurston studied here for her undergraduate and graduate degrees, where she attained a Master of Science in Organizational and Social Psychology. Her dissertation, Live, Work, and Play: Employee Productivity in Controlled Environments, was selected as one of the winners of the Best Dissertation Prize for the 2854/2855 academic year.[4]

University of Moscow

The University of Moscow is home to the exolinguistics department who were tasked with studying the Vanduul language aboard a captured Vanduul carrier.[31] It is not clear whether the University of Moscow is related to any institution from the 21st Century.

Martian Institute of Space and Technology (MIST)

The Martian Institute of Space and Technology was credited with kick-starting the Second Nuclear Age in 2247, with the commissioning of an advanced Thorium reactor in Port Renatus.[32]

Alumni and Faculty of MIST

Universities of Terra

Terra is home to Song University and Terra University, as well as the Prime Linguistics Institute and the Quasi Institute for Xenological Studies.

Quasi Institute for Xenological Studies (QIXS)

The Quasi Institute for Xenological Studies (QIXS) is located in Quasi. For two years following its discovery, the Vasli Fragment Stone was housed at QIXS.[30]

Prime Linguistics Institute

Dr. Amelia Kesh was head chair of the Prime Linguistics Institute, located in the capital city of Prime in 2934. She was commissioned to construct an exact replica of the Vasli Fragment Stone.[30]

Song University

Song University was named for Wei-Yin Song, who discovered Terra in 2516. The University has a strong presence in Banu cultural studies.[34]

Alumni and Faculty of Song University

Terra University

Alumni and Faculty of Terra University

Universities of Jata, Cestulus (Davien II)

The iconic domed city of Jata is home to at least two Universities.

Jata, the iconic city of Cestulus (Davien II), is home to at least two Universities.

Astravin University at Cestulus (AUC)

Astravin University at Cestulus (AUC) is a public research university in Jata on Cestulus (Davien II) and the flagship campus of the Astravin University system. Founded in 2520, AUC survived Cestulus' difficult colonial period and expanded during the planet's economic reversal in the 27th century. It is the largest university in the Davien system and features an oshi fish as its mascot.[39]

University of Jata

The University of Jata is located in the city of Jata on Cestulus (Davien II). Simone Maruyama is a Professor of History at the University of Jata, and a member of the Jata Historical Society’s Board of Directors, who proposed naming a city park after controversial former Aegis Dynamics CEO Hana Chan.[40]

Universities of Saisei (Centauri III)

Fujin City on Saisei is home to Fujin Technical College. The University of Saisei is also located on the planet.

Saisei (Centauri III) is home to at least two Universities, one of which has operated research bases on Yar (Centauri II).

Fujin Technical College (FTC)

Fujin Technical College (FTC) is an institute of higher education located in Fujin City on Saisei (Centauri III). FTC offers a variety of training courses, and is most notable for its Certification in Arts and Design. The school itself was designed to blend seamlessly with Fujin City’s natural environment.[41]

University of Saisei

The University of Saisei is located on Saisei (Centauri III). It restored a former terraforming station on Yar (Centauri II) as a research outpost in 2501. The parents of Kayva Crosby were employed to run the facility's landing pad. Kayva was born shortly after their arrival in 2503. In 2518, biotech expert Meredith Douze joined the outpost with her son, Aaron Douze. After returning to Saisei at the age of 17, Aaron studied business at the University, followed by Kayva who studied engineering: the two later marry, and founded Tumbril Land Systems.[42]

Other Universities

Serling (Horus I) is home to the University of Aten.

University of Aten

The University of Aten, located on Serling (Horus I), is conducting a lengthy study in an attempt to isolate the differences between people who flourish in the unusual daylight conditions of the tidally-locked worlds (often those in families who have lived on the planet for generations) versus those who have trouble adjusting.[43]

University of Angeli

The University of Angeli is located on Angeli (Croshaw II). August Dunlow, founder of Crusader Industries, studied a double-major in business and political science. While at the University he became a staunch Anti-Messer activist.[44]

University of Jalan

The University of Jalan is located on the Tevarin homeworld of Jalan (Elysium IV). Nutrition researchers at Jalan developed the Hydration Efficacy Index.[45] Jovi Ingstrom, co-founder of Esperia, studied xenoarcheology at Jalan until being expelled in his sophomore year.[14]

University of Tram

The University of Tram, located in Tram on Asura (Ferron III), was attended by Basilisk founder Simone Visconti, where she studied engineering. The programme was considered notably less prestigious than that of the institution she left, at UPARQ.[5]


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