Update:Star Citizen Alpha 3.17.0

Star Citizen build scheduled for 2022-03-01
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Upcoming (est. 2022-03-01 - 89 days)

Star Citizen Alpha 3.17.0 is expected to bring persistent player hangars, a new hangar manager app, and outpost homesteads, and a slew of player UI improvements to the Citizens of the universe.

Major updates


Feature Description
DNA Head Textures Update
Character Creator DNA Updates.png
Implementing art updates for DNA archetype heads that will improve the quality of all DNA heads, both for players and common NPCs.


Feature Description
Lorville Hospital: Maria Pure of Heart
Maria Pure of Heart.png
Implementation of a working hospital located in Lorville, where players can be healed and revived, as well as purchase medical supplies and life insurance.
Hangar Manager App
Creating a mobiGlas app that emulates the functionality of ASOP terminals, allowing players to spawn ships, claim insurance and access the array of landing services to maintain their ships.
Persistent Hangars
Players will have the ability to have their own Persistent Hangars. This will bring changes to the Cargo gameplay loop by allowing players to buy cargo and send it to their hangars, then maximize their cargo storage space by allowing them to pack the goods themselves.
Mining Gadgets
Mining gadgets will help to modify the rock and assist the player with mining a Deposit. The player can attach a device physically to a mineable deposit in FPS to modify its stats, making mining either easier and safer, or quicker and riskier.
Ship to Ship Refueling
Starfarer HR ext b.jpg
Implementing the systems that will allow players flying specific ships to refuel other ship and get paid for it. The player can fill those specific ships' fuel tanks from a station using an updated Rearm, Restock, Refuel interface at Landing Zones and Space Stations.
Selling Items to Shops
Players will have the ability to sell items from their local inventory to shops using a new interface powered by Building Blocks. This supports the recently added Loot Generation feature, allowing these items to be sold for money.
NPC Taxi Mission T0
Taxi Missions.png
NPCs will request transport between rest stops in this mission type, with the rewards determined by the speed, safety and comfort in which the player delivers the NPC to their destination.
Player Interaction Experience
The Player Interaction Experience (PIE) is a holistic array of complementary features and systems, all related directly to the player. Player status, item status, environment status, as well as interactions with both the game world and the objects within it, are covered under these systems.

Ships and vehicles

Feature Description
RSI Scorpius
Building, implementing, and balancing RSI's heavy fighter, the Scorpius, as a flight-ready vehicle.
Hull A 1 v002 compflat.jpg
Encompasses all tasks, including design, art, audio, and tech required for the implementation of the MISC Hull A cargo hauler in the PU.
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