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Star Citizen build released on 2014-05-08
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Released (2014-05-08 - 8 years ago)



  • BUG FIX: Fixed Warping to provide the correct perspective
  • UPDATE: Adding True Stereo Rendering
  • UPDATE: Adding keyboard command to toggle rift on/off (Numpad 1)
  • UPDATE: Adding Key board command to recenter view (Numpad 2)
  • UPDATE: Enabling orientation prediction


  • KNOWN ISSUE: Character arms do not animate when Oculus Rift mode enabled
  • KNOWN ISSUE: A rare crash may occur during startup.
    • To resolve this navigate to StarCitizen\CitizenClient and delete the USER folder & Launch again


  • UPDATE: The Release Channel setting was renamed to Game Channel
  • NEW FEATURE: The Game Channel select box now includes a short description of each channel option
  • NEW FEATURE: Advanced Launcher Settings are now hidden if the 'Enable Advanced Settings' setting is not checked
  • UPDATE: When the 'Enable Automatic Updates' setting is checked the Launcher will now check for new updates every 15 minutes instead of every hour


Star Citizen Patch 11.2

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