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Update:Star Citizen Patch V0.8.5

Star Citizen build released on 2014-07-31
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Released (2014-07-31 - 7 years ago)


  • Added subscriber jukebox
  • Adding cockpit shaking and sounds from damage and impacts
  • Missile sounds polished and improved
  • Additional shield sounds added (power down, power up, taking damage)
  • Added new Vanduul ship designated [REDACTED] by UEE Naval Command
  • Added Victory/Defeat/Draw message on end of round scoreboard
  • Added voice over announcement to denote which team has won the round
  • Added additional Hornet top bar warning lights
  • Freelancer bunk beds now interactable
  • Freelancer bathroom and toilet now interactable
  • Revised the Aurora interior to increase fidelity
  • Added Aurora warning indicator lights



  • Power plant charge reduced
  • Thruster power drain decreased
  • Shield HP increased
  • Shield regen delay decreased
  • Hull piece health increased


  • Shield HP reduced
  • Shield regen delay increased
  • Shield changed from bubble shield to a front/rear shield
  • Shield face power allocation rate reduced


  • Thruster health increased
  • Shield regen delay increased
  • Health values for shield and ship parts modified to impart a sturdier feel

Mantis Gatling Gun

  • Damage decreased
  • Heat per shot increased

Bulldog Repeater

  • Power recharge rate has been decreased
  • Repeater fire rate increased

Badger Repeater

  • Increased rate of fire

Behring M3A

  • Rate of fire decreased
  • Damage increased

Omnisky VI

  • Damage decreased
  • Rate of fire decreased
  • Bullet mass increased (to knock around ships with more force)


  • Damage decreased
  • Missiles now properly deal damage to the shields instead of going straight to the hull

Vanduul Scythe

  • Decreased shield regeneration

Networking Improvements

  • Fixed issues that resulted in being kicked back to hangar during match load
  • Positional correction fixes to reduce rubberbanding
  • Failed connection attempts to HubServer will now timeout after 10 seconds
  • Removed socket disconnections due to login timeouts
  • Networked physics is now independent of frame rate
  • Reduced server load caused by console logging
  • Creation of http interface to capture server statistics
  • Fixed players not connecting to matchmaker
  • Added a handshake system to guarantee the correct initialization of servers
  • Server-to-server connection improvements
  • Adjusted ship network packet priorities
  • Fix for disconnections while in the hangar
  • Reworked network correction to use network sync'd packets and direct physics pushes instead of IFCS system
  • Greatly reduced hitching and performance issues associated with players joining or exiting a match


  • Mantis cannons no longer takes damage without overheating
  • Player can no longer zone into a match standing in the cockpit
  • Helmet is no longer invisible
  • Fixed 300i landing gear placement
  • Fixed rare crash when loading into Vanduul Swarm
  • Fixed crash when receiving connection error
  • Fixed crash caused by players spawning on top of each other at beginning of map
  • CPU optimizations to improve client performance
  • Gatling gun audio stops when no longer firing
  • Destroying an asteroid no longer counts as a final kill
  • Energy bolts now scale properly when fired to the side
  • Winning music no longer plays at match end for losing team. You get nothing, you lose, good day sir.
  • Fixed ships in holotable no longer showing hologram model
  • Notifications, points, scoreboard and timer should now show in third person
  • Player movement prevented when interacting with helmet stand
  • Friendly killed audio no longer plays Hostile Eliminated, Target Destroyed or Enemy down
  • Removed use icon on ladder
  • Correct game mode descriptions added in Arena Commander UI
  • Adjusted bloom of objects on radar
  • Projectiles scale properly when firing in decoupled mode
  • Particle emitters now properly destroy themselves, reducing lag
  • Ship Energy system optimizations
  • Fix for sound velocity/speed being calculated incorrectly if its position is changed multiple times per frame.

Known issues

  • Weapon ammo shown as missile rack models in holotable
  • Gap in geometry can be seen between the engine and fuselage on 325a, and 315p ships
  • Exiting the Freelancer variant starboard top bunk results in character becoming stuck in a falling state
  • After respawn a rare issue can occur where the character's head shakes uncontrollably
  • After exiting a vehicle the third person camera can become slightly tilted
  • Unable to enter the Avenger ship
  • Avenger ship missing wheels
  • Arena Commander Menu lists the incorrect Hornet version


Star Citizen Patch V0.8.5

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