VFG Industrial

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VFG Industrial
IndustryHangar Manufacturing
Manufacturer CodeVFGI
FateAcquired by ArcCorp

VFG Industrial is a hangar manufacturer. It manufactured the asteroid hangar.[citation needed]


Tom Vivien, Walter Fink, and Ulla Gandil were members of the UEE Army Corp of Engineers who specialized in quickly building pressurized landing zones in combat zones during their service. They founded VFG Industrial shortly after being discharged and attempted to bring their expertise to the civilian market. With so many mining groups and terraformers out there, they believed there was a demand for functional and well-crafted hangars in 'non-ideal' conditions. They were correct, clients came in droves, until the Army attempted to sue them for patent theft. The lawsuit claimed that VFG's entire business was built upon proprietary design briefs written for and owned by the Army. VFG tried to settle in for a long fight, but soon began to run out of resources. With a freeze on their business, no more money was coming in, but the three refused to back down. When things seemed bleakest, they received a reprieve, of sorts. ArcCorp was very interested in their hangar building methods, specifically for their mining and terraforming subsidiaries, but also to mass-market to the public. The members of VFG were divided. Fink utterly refused to sell to the MegaCorp, but the other two knew they had no choice. The three finally agreed to sell. ArcCorp's lawyers took over their defense and within a matter of weeks managed to work some backroom black magic to hamstring the Army's case. Fink took a substantial buyout and left the firm. Tom Vivien and Ulla Gandil are technically still on the board, but control of the company has shifted to ArcCorp.


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