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Vanduul language

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The Vanduul language is the language used by the Vanduul. Vanduul are capable of communicating verbally as well as visually through hand gestures and changing the colour of their bodies,[1] and the Vanduul script has no correspondence to the spoken Vanduul language.[2] The language will be fully integrated into the game - though the implications on the gameplay side are uncertain for the moment. It is developed by conlang artist Britton Watkins and the CIG writing team for Star Citizen and Squadron 42.


The Vanduul script started out with the equivalent of three fingers or claws. They sometimes used their claws to mark whoever their victim was. Each symbol was unique and over time they accumulated into a set of symbols that could be understood by many, just as the human language evolved. With the advancement of technology, it evolved to the point where it could be used on computers and other devices.[1]



{{#css:.wikitable .lang-vncl{font-size:1.5rem!important}}

Alphabet Mid High Low Rising Creaky low
a a á à ǎ ã
aa A Á À Ǎ Ã
u u ú ù ǔ ũ
uu U Ú Ù Ǔ Ũ
e e é è ě
ey E É È Ě
o o ó ò ǒ õ
ow O Ó Ò Ǒ Õ
i i í ì ǐ ĩ
ii I Í Ì Ǐ Ĩ


Alphabet Script Alphabet Script Alphabet Script
vw v p p sh c
vr V b b shq C
w w y y s s
h h l l ss S
x (-xh) x r r z z
q q th f zz Z
qq Q thy F m m
qy k t t n n
d d ' (-?) ' ng g
dy D


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