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ManufacturerVanduul Clans
Sub-ClassificationCarrier/Nomadic Transport
Faction AffiliationVanduul
Sub-FactionGoran Horde
Crew Count1400
Ship Count300 Scythes

X12 is the codename given to the Vanduul Kingship found dead in Garron in 2942 that revealed new insights about the Vanduul.


X12 carried a crew of approximately 1,400 Vanduul including what are believed to have been the "captain", "first officer" and four ace pilots granted personal quarters, while the bulk of the crew would have been packed in densely around the ship's engine, each in posession of a well honed knife, each seemingly made by the owner. A room was found appearing to be a Vanduul recreational room, complete with gym equipment and a swimming area. X12 was heavily armored, a layered system capable of protecting against an estimated three to four torpedo strikes. Internally, she carried an air wing more impressive than even a Bengal-class carrier: roughly three hundred Scythe fighters, although barely one hundred of these were combat ready; the rest were kept below decks as spares. During a full scramble, only a third of the total complement could be used.[1]


It's unknown how a ship as big as a Kingship could reach Garron unnoticed. The only known large jump route from Vanduul space goes through major UEE systems including Elysium which has elaborate warning systems in place.[citation needed ] Garron is however in close physical proximity to Vanduul space, so a single undiscovered jump is all it would take to explain X12's arrival. Analysis suggests that the warship suffered a disastrous engine failure which flooded much of the crew quarters with deadly anti-matter radiation and left the survivors unable to follow the standard Vanduul protocol of self-destruct when threatened with capture. A detachment from the 8th UEE Marine division boarded the ship and was able to subdue the remaining crew with relative ease. No Vanduul survived for interrogation. The warship was examined then towed to Centauri Roads Naval Testing Station for further study, determining that the damage was too great to consider returning the ship to service. Per Senate request, the majority of the Scythes found onboard have since been sold off to private enterprise to finance an important public works project, although Naval Intelligence continues to maintain a squadron for maneuver testing and potential covert operations.[1]


The tonnage of X12 is likened to a UEE Indefatigable Class ship.[1] No such ship is known, which is surprising given that we've several times been led to believe that the only two things bigger than a Bengal are Kingships and the UEES Retribution.[citation needed ]


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