78 Leonis

Unknown single star system
78 Leonis
System TypeSingle Star
SizeUnknown AU
Star TypeUnknown
Discovered in2945
Jump PointsAt least 1
PopulationIndigenous Life Only

78 Leonis is a potentially fictional frontier system that, according to the RSI Constellation Aquila Commercial, this frontier system was discovered by Cpt Leonis in 2945.[1] It's worth noting that the crustacean creature in the video looks suspiciously like a Thorshu Grey which are native to Terra.

Gravitational Governor

78 Leonis



A rocky desert planet with a life-sustaining atmosphere. Indigenous life includes a seemingly sentient race of bipeds. The bipeds closely resemble 'greys'. They seek shelter from the landing ship in the shadow of a large rock formation. The bipeds hunt using rock as club weapons. Their prey is a small lobster-like creature that scuttles sideways across the desert.

HL2610 has one moon.


HH130782 has one moon.

Known Jump Points

Jump Gate Type Size Destination
78 Leonis - Unknown Unknown


  1. RSI Constellation Commercial. Transmission - Comm-Link
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