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December 5

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Star Citizen Alpha 3.15.0

Feature Description
Death and Healing Addition of new Death and Healing mechanics

Death now brings major consequences, including dropping all items/armor and requiring Regeneration at the nearest hospital or clinic. New healing mechanics include new mechanics for injury, downed states, healing tools, drugs and hospitals/clinics. Working clinics are locations where players can be healed, as well as purchase medical supplies and life insurance.

Loot Generation Implementation of dynamically generated item crates on planetary surfaces and landing zones
Personal Inventory Players now physically store weapons, gadgets, consumables, healing items, and more on their person and in vehicles via backpacks, pockets, and containers. This utilizes the new iCache for persistence wherever players travel. All inventory items are tracked with the new NikNax app in MobiGlas
New Missions - Assault and Defend New missions focusing around FPS combat, including assault missions and defend missions targeting or defending critical objectives
New Ships - 400i and A2 Hercules Added the Origin 400i multicrew explorer and Crusader A2 Hercules military bomber to the game.
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