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Name Race Role Faction Actor
Aaron Fring Human Artist UEE
Abeni Okon Human Historical Figure - First Human born off Earth UEE
Alan Nuevo Human Co-Host of Empire Report UEE Circus Szalewski
Alisa Lee Human Senator (U-Keene-Kilian Sys) UEE
Amon Murray Human Founder of the Murray Cup UEE
Andrea Escudero Human Advocacy - SC - Odin UEE
Antoine Lebec Human NavJumper, discoverer of Nul System UEE
Antony Tanaka Human Child worker UEE
Aria Reilly Human Captain, UEES Caspian UEE
Arlow Gellis Human Anthropologist UEE
Arthur Warro Human Economic Strategist, architect of the Polo Initiative UEE
Atsuki Evan Human Senator (retired) UEE
Beck Russum Human Co-Host of Empire Report UEE Sandi Gardiner
Ben Warden Human Political strategist UEE
Bilal Ryu Human Advocacy - ASC - Odin UEE
Cassius Thornton Human Security expert
Cedric Cochran Human Admiral, Member of UEE's High-Command UEE
Celeste Zabkar Human
Chris Roberts (lore) Human Founder of Roberts Space Industries
Clair Rios Human Owner of Cafe Musain People’s Alliance
Clark Kumai Human Advocacy - SC - Oya UEE
Clay Harren Human Senator (U-Kampos-Ellis Sys) UEE
Colt Legrande Human Co-Host of Empire Report UEE Xavier J. Watson
Condi Hillard Human Historical Figure, Fought against the Vanduul at Armitage UEE
Corath'Thal Tevarin Tevarin Warlord
Corbyn Salehi Human Imperator of the UEE UEE
Corsen Messer Human Fifth Imperator of the UEE UEE
Craig Burton Human Host of the Spectrum series Clean Shot UEE
Dalton Colabello Human Founder and current CEO of Apocalypse Arms UEE
Danny Solomon Human Police Patroller UEE
Darryl Misko Human President, Open Canopy Racing League
Diyo Nikolas Human Inventor, Co-Founder of BiotiCorp
Edward Aemile Human Senator (C-Aremis-Vega Sys) UEE
Edward Nogel Human Historian UEE
Eliza Anderson Human
Ellroy Cass Human Celebrity, party organizer UEE
Emperor Kray Xi’an Emperor of the Xi’an Xi’an
Eria Quint Human Host of Showdown! UEE
Erin Toi Human Imperator immediately following Messer Era UEE
Ernst Bishop Human Admiral, UEE 2nd Fleet UEE Gary Oldman
Errol Gans Human Senator (CLockeIdris) UEE
Esen Landari Human Host of Something Every Tuesday UEE
Eugene Morrow Human Stephen Bisland
Fessel Quinn Human Senator (TGreenEllis Sys) UEE
Fiona Messer Human "Princess"(unstated) of the UEE UEE
Gabrielle Graciàn Human Governor (C-Jalan-Elysium Sys) and Senatorial Candidate 2946 UEE
Galen Whishaw Human Vice Admiral, Research & Development Division UEE
Galor Messer Human Ninth Imperator of the UEE UEE
Garvin Snarm Human Inventor of standardized weapon mounts UEE
Gavin Arlington Human CEO of Shubin Interstellar UEE
Gavin E. Stanton Human CEO of Hurston Dynamics UEE
Genly Maupin Human Son of Juliet Maupin who named Genly Engineering Solutions after him. UEE
Ghaith Riberio Human Racer (Retired? Underground?)
Hajime Davis Human Advocacy - ASC - Oya UEE
Hester Polaris Human Historical Figure - CMDR Hester Polaris, namesake of the Polaris UPE
Illyana Messer Human Sixth Imperator of the UEE UEE
Illyana Sharrad Human High-Secretary of the UEE UEE
Ivar Messer Human First Imperator of the UEE UEE
J. Harris Arnold Human Founder of Anvil Aerospace
CEO of Anvil Aerospace
Lead Designer of Anvil Aerospace
Jan Dredge Human Board member of Drake Interplanetary
Jax McCleary Human Host of Galactic Tour UEE
Jeda Cavendash Human Senator, Madame Witness - (C-Earth-Sol Sys) UEE
Jegger Human Traveller
Jenk Gallen Human Freelance Hauler UEE
Jesper Donovin Human UEE
Jim Hester Human Proprietor of "Diamond Jim's Fuelporium", now presumed deceased. UEE
Joaquim Steiger Human Malachi Kirby
Johnathan Burton Human Advocacy - SAC - Oya UEE
Jon Dredge Human Acting-CEO of Drake Interplanetary
Joyce Teño Human General Manager of Nemo Crashers UEE
Juliet Maupin Human Aegis Dynamics engineer, weapon and scanner designer UEE
Junger Ries Human Senator (CLoronaBanshee Sys) UEE
Kamur Dalion Human Historical Figure, Pilot, Battle of Idris IV UEE
Kellar Lench Human Scientist, discovered the Elysium System
Kelos Albervar Human Senator (TTerraTerra Sys) UEE
Kelos Costigan Human Current Imperator of the UEE UEE
Kyle Polo Human Senator (U-Angeli-Croshaw Sys) UEE
Lana Stark Human General UEE Army at Oso II UEE
Lane Corpos Human Administrator UEE
Lavinia Wallingford Human High Command - Legatus Navium - UEE UEE
Linton Messer Human Eleventh Imperator of the UEE, Last of the Messer Era UEE
Livia Fenner Human High-Secretary, influential in the introduction of UEC UEE
Livia Haskel Human Chief Medical Engineer of BiotiCorp; head of the Project Calliope
Livia Messer Human Third Imperator of the UEE UEE
Louise Boyd Human Bounty hunter working on cold cases
Marie Sante Human NavJumper, discoverer of the Horus System
Marshall Leon Human Imperator immediately following Erin Toi UEE
Marshall Madrigal Human Senator, Speaker UEE
Martha Shubin Human CEO and Founder of Shubin Interstellar UEE
Meredith Aguilar Human Racer (Open Canopy Racing League)
Mira Ngo Human Senator (T-Terra-Terra Sys) UEE
Nadir Corr Human Senator (U-Jalan-Elysium Sys) UEE
Nick Croshaw Human Discoverer of the first Jump Point (Sol-Croshaw) UEE
Noah White Human Liam Cunningham
Octavia Beate Human Senator (UAsuraFerron Sys) UEE
Parker Terrell Human Journalist UEE (former)
Payday Vanduul Ace Pilot Vanduul
Peter B. Hartwell Human Senator (C-Vega Sys) UEE
Peter Upshaw Human Advocacy - High Advocate - UEE UEE
Rachel Lester Human Senator (T-Vann-Croshaw Sys) UEE
Rebecca Trejo Human Advocacy - SAC - Odin UEE
Riley Rudin Human Journalist for the Terra Gazette
Rod Rettenmund Human Ship hijacker Outlaw
Russel Valem Human Inventor
Sakae Marigold Human Transitionalist Nominee for Senate (2946) UEE
Samuel Messer Human Seventh Imperator of the UEE UEE
Scire facias Human Info Runner
Sean Debinavi Human Senator (U-Angeli-Croshaw) UEE
Silas Koerner Human Founder of Consolidated Outland
CEO of Consolidated Outland
Steve Colton Human Steve "Old Man" Colton, Lt Cdr SQ42 UEE Mark Hamill
Suj Kossi Tevarin First Tevarin Senator (U-Elysium IV-Elysium Sys) UEE
Ted Santos Human Inventor, Co-Founder of BiotiCorp
Terrence Akari Human Senator (? – Terra – Terra Sys) UEE
Terrence Morrow Human Crime Reporter UEE
Tetsuo Shima Human Senator (T- CestulusDavien Sys) UEE
Thessaly Tayac Human Scientist working on the Vespa Project UEE
Thomas Carmody Human Advocacy - Director - UEE UEE
Thul'Oqquray Vanduul Vanduul Leader Vanduul Andy Serkis
Torsi Leelk Xi’an Diplomat to the UEE from Xi’an Empire Xi’an
Tre Wiebo Human Eco-terrorist in Gurzil
Turson Haskel Human Senator (U-Asura-Ferron Sys) UEE
Ulysses Messer Human Tenth Imperator of the UEE UEE
Victoria Hutchins Human Journalist for Empire Report UEE Kimberly Kral
Vita Perry Human Founder of the Church of the Journey UEE
Warden Vol Human Senator (T-Goss Sys) UEE
Yann Isher Human Senator UEE
Yanna Coso Human Ambassador sent to represent the UEE to the Xi’an Empire UEE
Yori Co Human Senator (CGreenEllis Sys) UEE

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