Aciedo CommRelay

Human company in the communications industry
Aciedo CommRelay - JP0704.svg
Aciedo CommRelay
ProductsInterstellar communications equipment (drones, relay towers, relay stations)
Manufacturer codeACDO
Area servedUnited Empire of Earth
Founded2480 CE; 473 years ago (2480)
FormerlyAciedo Shipworks

Aciedo CommRelay (or simply Aciedo) is a networking and telecommunications manufacturer. It is responsible for building the CommRelay infrastructure around the UEE. It has also developed the Spectrum ID (in cooperation with the Imperial Spectrum Commission) that allow for system to system communications.[1][2]

In-game description

Responsible for building the CommRelay infrastructure around the UEE, Aciedo also developed the technology to allow for system to system communications.


Aciedo was founded in 2480 with the intent to manufacture spacecraft as Aciedo Shipworks. In 2485, the company pivoted to communications drone development and rebranded as Aciedo CommRelay.[3]



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