Bevic Group

Human company in the food Manufacturing industry
Bevic group logo.png
Bevic Group
IndustryFood Manufacturing
ProductsDrink brands, food brands
HeadquartersEarth, Sol
FounderBartholomew Bevic, Vevrai Bevic
Founded2078 CE; 876 years ago (2078)

The Bevic Group is a Human food and drink conglomerate headquartered in Earth (Sol III), United Empire of Earth (UEE).[1] They are known for their Ma's Ready to Eat Meals.[2]


2078 Founded by siblings Bartholomew and Vevrai Bevic after receiving a substantial inheritance from their grandparents. The first product it sold was the canned beverage Get Up Coffee, which became very popular among college students.[1]
2093 Went through its first acquisition and merged with Sunshine and Daisies Milk Company, which allowed Bevic to control their own dairy supply.[1]
2122 Merged with instant dinner manufacturer Page-Callier, the company expanded its scope to include food as well as beverages.[1]
2777 Debuted the carbonated drink Fizzz, after a research team made breakthrough in adapting the flavor of the soursop fruit into beverage form.[3]

Since then, it was purchased and merged with multiple companies, and has expanded to become one of the largest food and drink manufacturers in the UEE.[1]


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