Fulcrum Mining Associates

Defunct Human mining concern sold to Shubin Interstellar
Fulcrum Mining Associates
Area servedUnited Planets of Earth
Founded2448 CE; 504 years ago (2448)
FateSold to and dissolved by Shubin Interstellar
Defunct2585 CE; 367 years ago (2585)
ParentShubin Interstellar (2554 – 2585)

Fulcrum Mining Associates was a Human mining concern that operated from 2448 through its sale to Shubin Interstellar in 2554. The company was one of the first Human off-world mining concerns. In 2554, Fulcrum reached out to Shubin with a bid to sell off unwanted corporate assets in the Centauri system. Shubin opted to purchase Fulcrum outright instead and by 2585 had fully retired the company's branding.[1][2][3]


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