Gallenson Tactical Systems

Human personal and spacecraft weapons manufacturer
Gallenson Tactical Systems - JP0905.svg
Gallenson Tactical Systems
IndustryWeapons manufacture
ProductsPersonal weapons, spacecraft weapons
Manufacturer codeGATS
HeadquartersEarth, Sol
Area servedUnited Empire of Earth
Founded2763 CE; 191 years ago (2763) in Salt Lake City, Earth, Sol

Gallenson Tactical Systems is a Human personal and spacecraft weapons manufacturer headquartered on Earth, Sol.[1] The company started as a gun shop in Salt Lake City.[2] After achieving success the company has bought a small foundry and started manufacturing its own weapons. Gallenson produces lower-tech weapons out of heavy materials built to endure the stress of repeated use.[1] Gallenson's weapons tend to have very high rates of fire and high velocity. Their drawback is a very high mass and high heat generation. Their products can be described as solid, reliable and functional.[2]


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