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Name Size Manufacturer Class Grade
Backlund S WLOP Civilian B
Battani M WLOP Civilian B
BroadSpec M CHCO Industrial B
Broadspec-Lite S CHCO Industrial B
Capston S WLOP Civilian C
Chernykh M WLOP Civilian C
Denning V WLOP Civilian C
Ecouter S GRNP Military C
Epier M GRNP Military C
Fawad M WLOP Civilian D
Fleming S WLOP Civilian D
FullSpec M CHCO Industrial A
Hunter (radar) S BLTR Stealth B
Observer-Lite S CHCO Industrial D
Pelerous S BLTR Stealth C
Prevenir V GRNP Military C
Prophet S BLTR Stealth A
SNS-R6 S NAVE Competition C
Sens V GRNP Military B
Surveyor M CHCO Industrial C
Surveyor-Lite S CHCO Industrial C
Tige S GRNP Military B
V801-12 M GRNP Military A
Vigilance M GRNP Military B
Vogel V WLOP Civilian B
Voir S GRNP Military D
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