Star Citizen:Editing/Citations

Step-by-step process to citation templates

This guide is a step-by-step process on using citation templates, covering common types of citations used across the wiki.

This guide is made from the perspective of a logged-in user with default preferences. It also assumes you have read the basic references guide; if you haven't, please do so first!


Creating a references section

Before adding citations, check if the bottom of the page has a references section to keep them organized.

A typical references sections look like this

If there isn't one on the page, make a new heading (H2) called References, then create a reference list below the heading by clicking Insert on the toolbar, then References list.

Citation - insert references list.png

Citing information

Move your cursor to the end of the sentence that you want to cite.

Citing the statement "Carrack was released with a minigame."

Click the cite button on the toolbar, then choose the right option based on your source.

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