"One Light" Luminalia Shirt

Shirt manufactured by MuyMuy
Luminalia 2022 advent calendar shirts.png
"One Light" Luminalia shirt
ManufacturerMuyMuy (MYM)

The "One Light" Luminalia shirt is a pullover manufactured by MuyMuy. It is a Luminalia version of the Davlos pullover, that was given to players who redeemed a code in the 2952 Luminalia event[1]. It was created in three versions: green, teal and blue.

Product description

During Luminalia we're all one family. Celebrate with your loved ones in immense joy with this festive shirt from City Lights, crafted with high-quality, ultra soft fabric that's made to last. Now you can strut your stuff and dress your festive best this holiday season![1]



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