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Inner torso clothing

A shirt is a clothing item that can be worn to the inner torso of a character.

Page Image SubtypeMinimum temperature resistanceMaximum temperature resistanceManufacturerOccupancyIs item base variant
Placeholderv2.pngAdrift Shirt BlackT-Shirt0 °C30 °C9874.9 KµSCU0.0049 SCU <br />4,900 µSCU <br />false
Placeholderv2.pngAdrift Shirt BlueT-Shirt0 °C30 °C9874.9 KµSCU0.0049 SCU <br />4,900 µSCU <br />false
Clothing-Shirt-987-Adrift-DarkBlue.jpgAdrift Shirt Dark BlueT-Shirt0 °C30 °C9874.9 KµSCU0.0049 SCU <br />4,900 µSCU <br />false
Placeholderv2.pngAdrift Shirt GreenT-Shirt0 °C30 °C9874.9 KµSCU0.0049 SCU <br />4,900 µSCU <br />false
Placeholderv2.pngAdrift Shirt PurpleT-Shirt0 °C30 °C9874.9 KµSCU0.0049 SCU <br />4,900 µSCU <br />true
Clothing-Shirt-987-Adrift-White.jpgAdrift Shirt WhiteT-Shirt0 °C30 °C9874.9 KµSCU0.0049 SCU <br />4,900 µSCU <br />false
Clothing-Shirt-ELD-AegisDynamics.jpgAegis Dynamics T-ShirtT-Shirt2 °C33 °CEscar Limited4.9 KµSCU0.0049 SCU <br />4,900 µSCU <br />true
Placeholderv2.pngAnvil Aerospace T-ShirtT-Shirt2 °C33 °CEscar Limited4.9 KµSCU0.0049 SCU <br />4,900 µSCU <br />true
Clothing-Shirt-FIO-Aranda-Base.jpgAranda ShirtT-Shirt3 °C34 °CFiore4.9 KµSCU0.0049 SCU <br />4,900 µSCU <br />true
Placeholderv2.pngAranda Shirt Blue/BeigeT-Shirt3 °C34 °CFiore4.9 KµSCU0.0049 SCU <br />4,900 µSCU <br />false
Placeholderv2.pngAranda Shirt Crusader EditionT-Shirt3 °C34 °CFiore4.9 KµSCU0.0049 SCU <br />4,900 µSCU <br />true


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