ADP-mk4 Legs

Legs armor manufactured by Clark Defense Systems
ADP-mk4 Legs.png
ADP-mk4 Legs
ManufacturerClark Defense Systems (CDS)
TypeLegs armor
ClassificationHeavy armor
Main setADP-mk4
Base price1,960 aUEC
Damage resistance

When there's a difficult job at hand, you want to ensure that you can see it through to the end. Clark Defense Systems' ADP-mk4 heavy armor allows Marines to remain in active combat situations for a longer duration with more loadout options, while its powered frame provides near unfettered movement despite the protection it offers.

Garrity Defense on Port Olisar sells ADP-mk4 Legs in Olive for 1960 UEC as of Alpha 3.3.7.

Armor components

Set name Undersuit Helmet Core Backpack Arms Legs
ADP-mk4 TCS-4 Undersuit ADP-mk4 Helmet ADP-mk4 Core CSP-68H Backpack ADP-mk4 Arms ADP-mk4 Legs

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