TCS-4 Undersuit

Undersuit manufactured by Clark Defense Systems
TCS-4 Undersuit.png
TCS-4 Undersuit
ManufacturerClark Defense Systems (CDS)
Base price1,000 aUEC
Environment protection
Temperature-30 / 60 °C
Damage resistance

The Clark Defense Systems TCS-4 Undersuit is a sleek, form-fitting bodysuit that comes in a variety of colors.

In-game description

"This comprehensive Tactical Combat Suit provides a complete sealed suit against vacuum, free range of motion, and interfaces seamlessly with compatible armor systems."
in-game description


Last updated: March 22, 2022; 2 months ago (2022-03-22) (Alpha 3.16.1)

Green with Gray accent

Buyable at

System Location City Store Price (aUEC)
Stanton system Hurston Lorville Tammany and Sons 932
Stanton system HUR-L1 1000
Stanton system CRU-L1 1000
Stanton system Hurston Everus Harbor 1000
Stanton system CRU-L4 1000
Stanton system ARC-L1 1000
Stanton system microTech Port Tressler 1000
Stanton system MIC-L1 1000
Stanton system ArcCorp Area18 Cubby Blast 850
Stanton system Crusader Port Olisar Garrity Defense 1000

Armor Components

Set Name Undersuit Helmet Core Backpack Arms Legs
ADP-mk4 TCS-4 Undersuit ADP-mk4 Helmet ADP-mk4 Core CSP-68H Backpack ADP-mk4 Arms ADP-mk4 Legs
ADP Balor HCH Helmet ADP Core ADP Arms ADP Legs
ORC-mkV G-2 Helmet ORC-mkV Core CSP-68M Backpack ORC-mkV Arms ORC-mkV Legs
ORC-mkX ORC-mkX Helmet ORC-mkX Core ORC-mkX Arms ORC-mkX Legs
Field Recon Suit Field Recon Suit Helmet Field Recon Suit Core CSP-68L Backpack Field Recon Suit Arms Field Recon Suit Legs
PAB-1 CBH-3 Helmet PAB-1 Core PAB-1 Arms PAB-1 Legs
A23 Flightsuit A23 Helmet N/A N/A N/A N/A
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