Able Baker Challenge

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The Able Baker Challenge is a race in the Baker system, which many would call the most dangerous underground races in the empire. The environment of the three inner planets is used to make a challenging course that changes every year. One race had pilots around Baker I, extremely dangerous because of the heat of the suns. In another race, they had to go to Baker III and navigate the large ice crystals. And yet on a different race, there was a stage called "breathing the vapors" that involved ring targets placed very close to Baker II's toxic atmosphere. Many of the events have weapon-free rounds meaning pilots can fire at each other.

All of this makes the Able Baker Challenge considered a badge of honor among underground racers, although official racing teams avoid the Able Baker Challenge for the most part. As it is an unofficial race organized by unknown concerns, the challenge has no rules concerning weapons or other safety procedures, and especially competitive racers have been known to gun down opponents even in early race phases in order to gain an edge.

Visitors should also be aware that the underground nature of the challenge has led to a significant number of casualties among amateurs.[1]


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