Human company in the hangar manufacture industry
Aeroview Hangars jp.svg
IndustryHangar manufacture
Manufacturer codeAEHA
FounderArthur Nassir
Founded2687 CE; 267 years ago (2687)
ParentShubin Interstellar

Aeroview is a spacecraft hangar manufacturer wholly-owned as a subsidiary of Shubin Interstellar.[1] It is one of the oldest established hangar manufacturer in Human space. Their design and construction of hangars goes back more than 300 years.


In the 27th century, Arthur Nassir formed the company around a rigid code of business ethics focusing largely on design quality, a dedication to ergonomics, and an extreme respect for client confidentiality. Aeroview also famously reserves the right to refuse service to any non-Citizens. While hangar design and housing is tangential, at best, to piracy, Nassir's outspoken contempt for those who fly outside the law led to the company's code. When Aeroview was purchased by Shubin Interstellar, the conditions of the sale insisted that the code be adhered to in perpetuity.

While the code remains intact, Aeroview's original business model does not. The Aeroview hangars of the 28th century were palatial affairs built on a case-by-case basis to the specifications of the social elite capable of owning their own spacecraft. In recent years, Aeroview has adapted their tactics to follow in SELF-LAND's footsteps (although they would never admit it). Instead of custom-building high-class hangars on an individual basis, they now produce a line of modular "business hangars" priced to sell to successful businessmen and other executive-level clients. Unlike other modular hangar companies, Aeroview does not lease the property on which their hangars are established. This is left up to the individual consumer to determine; the Aeroview hangar can be erected at any point in the UEE given 48-hours notification (24 hours, for a steep rush construction fee).

Of special note, Aeroview has found particular success in developing hangars for larger scale craft or craft that require additional space for support equipment. Pilots of ships like Freelancers, with multiple crew housings, or Hornets, with weapons racks and a need for more intensive hull repair facilities, generally find it more cost effective to purchase a single Aeroview hangar rather than multiple SELF-LANDs.[2]


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