Aksha Fordhel

Character in Star Citizen
Aksha Fordhel
Role Provided analysis to the events leading up to Ellis 11a impacting with Ellis XI
Faction UEE
Current Employment
Occupation PhD in the Geophysics Division
Employer AstroGeological Institute
Job Title Dr. Fordhel
Workplace Ellis system

Doctor Aksha Fordhel played a pivtol role in the analysis of Ellis 11a's impact onto Ellis XI in 2943. During this time Dr. Fordhel communicated extensively with Senator Clay Harren supplying the UEE with advice and contingency plans on how to properly handle this AstroGeological event, a first in human history.[1]

Towards the end of Dr. Fordhel's correspondence with Senator Harren they have a brief spat over Erin Patterson's role in the event and the UEE's apparent desire to charge scientists for access to study the impact of the moon onto Ellis XI.[1]

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