Archibald Protection Force

Yar's (Centauri II) Law Enforcement Agency
Archibald Protection Force
Headquarters Archibald Station, Bremen
Type Planet Law Enforcement Agency
Current Leader Jemma Viernes

Archibald Protection Force is a law enforcement organization tasked with upholding the law and order in Yar.[1]

War on Water

After the approval of Executive Council Order B-14-26 on the 25th of May, 2946 (popularly known as the War on Water, the main task of the Archibald Protection Force has been to enforce this law, to the detriment of the economyr.[1] of the planet and the reputation of the force[2]


Archibald Protection Force enforces the laws in this jurisdiction, which applies within Yar's gravitational sphere of influence and associated celestial bodies.

Just like UEE Military and Advocacy agents, local security personnel can require you to submit to identification scans to establish your identity, conduct searches of your person and vessel, and detain you with due cause. Always obey the directives of authorized security personnel.

Known members


Partnership levels


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